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Action Commitments: Fitness and Skateboarding
Fitness: For 6 months, from the summer of 2016, I have registered a gym membership at Steve Nash Fitness World. For the first month, I got personal training for strength, then I went the the gym every Sunday morning, where I did cardio and strengt (More)
Grade 9- Final Reflection
This was a jam packed year, and I am sad to leave the middle school yet excited to move on to the senior school. I am proud of my academic achievements, such as achieving all 7s and 8s so far in science, as it is a subject I care greatly about and my (More)
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze - My Achievements
Throughout the weekend, from the 13th to the 15th of May, a small group of students traveled from Mulgrave School to Squamish. We had planned a rock climbing Duke of Ed trip from the beginning of the year. This meant that all the work and planning do (More)
CAS Action Major- DOE
About a month ago, I went on my bronze DOE sailing trip and sailed to Vancouver Island, which was a great experience to advance my sailing skills that I worked on in the summer when I completed my CanSail 4. I really enjoyed being able to bond with f (More)
DPA- April
This month, I went on a lot of trips and it was quite chaotic. From the return from Spring Break, to our PE dance unit, DOE, and Whistler; it is safe to say that I had a lot of fun this month. And so, here is my DPA for April: More)
DPA (Daily Physical Activity)
Am I meeting the daily physical activity requirements? 3 hours a week? Monday: PE class (1h5min), Badminton practice (1h30min) Tuesday: Badminton game (2h) Wednesday: Yoga elective (1h30min), Badminton practice (1h30min) Thursday: Activ (More)
CAS Minor Action - Grade 9 Camp
The grade 9 kayaking camp trip is from the 9th to the 11th and I am EXTREMELY EXCITED! Since I own a kayak and use it often, my goal is to help others and give them various tips on how to go faster without tiring quickly. For example, you shouldn't d (More)
Grade 10 Camp
This year for camp we got to go up to good hope bay in river's inlet, and it was amazing! The first two days were a bit rough because the wind was too strong and the waves were crazy that we had to stay in port hardy for a night on a church floor. Th (More)
Between mustangs and a team titans basketball, this season has been great. We lost 3 games but won the rest. We came first in our tournament which was amazing because we got to bring home a trophy! For mustangs we won all of our games so far which is (More)
Volleyball Season
This season for Volleyball was very successful for my better understanding of techniques in this sport. I had 3 goals for this years; To be a better teammate by showing up to practice and encouraging my teammates to be better. My second goal is to pe (More)
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