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Learning Guitar with Eric
During Christmas break, I have visited Eric's family to review for the mock IB exam. After Eric's mother kindly invited me to have dinner, I found Eric's guitar laying on the sofa in the living-room. Out of curiousity, I asked Eric if he would be abl (More)
In the Chinese New Year Celebration, I performed two different pieces of music at my teacher's performance. I practiced these two pieces for three months and my teacher gave me a lot of suggestions of how to make the music more fluent and musical. It (More)
This year I continue to work with my teacher on playing the musical instruments. Since I'm currently a grade 12 student, so my lesson with the teacher has changed from Thursday to Sunday afternoon. I can completely focus on my academic work on weekda (More)
Jazz Band Reflection 2
Our senior school jazz band attended the Jazz Festival in Whistler last weekend. Overall, the Jazz festival is an unique experience for me. Apart from living with my friend in a hotel room, I have met up with many excellent school jazz band from all (More)
CAS : performance
To complete my IB music, I need to record my performance. This year I am planning to do at least 5 songs to make my portfolio diverse. I chose four different cultures/languages (English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese) and multiple genres, including bl (More)
CAS : vocal practice and guitar learning
In school, I am taking IB music which requires musical talents and high-quality performance. I am not a music nut or genius, I chose this class only because I think I can sing a little. So when I realize my classmates are all really great, or even pr (More)
Pegah's C.A.S. Log and Reflections (Major)
About this Post Major Creativity For the sake of simplicity and ease, I have decided to create two HTML code layouts to use for all of my C.A.S. reflections. This is the first of the two: on it are the reflections for all of my major C. (More)
❀ MY-CAS eFOLIO PLAN ❀ Major Creativity Major Action Major Service Commitment: Farsi Class Categories: Creativity CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: New Skills Time Commitment (estimate): 1 year Goals: (More)
Working with children is joyful!
I love working with children and I was pleased by going back to Sparks during the summer. I felt very happy by sharing my experiences and skills which I achieved during the first year of DP. I started painting a series of Ibn-Batuta’s pictures on Spa (More)
My Trip to Ethiopia: A Blog
Over the summer, as you know one of the main things I was doing was going to Ethiopia. As part of my creativity CAS requirements, I decided to write a blog about my experience in Africa, to document everything from the trip in an online type of journ (More)
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