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It's all over!
Two weeks ago, the grade six students and the drama club finished our production Don't Laugh, It's a tragedy. The teachers and the students worked hard to write the whole entire script, get costumes, and get all the make up done. There were so many h (More)
Don't Laugh, it's a Tragedy!
MYP6 Performing Arts Process Journal: 9 Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy Performance Reflection
MYP6 Performing Arts Process Journal: 9 Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy Performance Reflection Assessment Purpose: To evaluate certain elements or principles of artwork To recogniae that the world contains inspiration or influence for art To ref (More)
Don't Laugh it's a Tragedy!
  The grade 6s have recently performed a show. I learned that we have to be patient when rehearsing even though it's really boring (More)
Whistler Con Brio Festival
At Mulgrave, I am involved in a variety of different strands including the arts, academics, and service. Two moths ago, anyone at our school involved in band or choir to the Whistler Con Brio festival in which we performed and watched other musical g (More)
Peter Pan Tech/Service/Creativity/
On the 13th of February the Linda Hammer Theatre put on its final peter pan production of the year. This was a massive milestone for the actors. But for the tech crew, work was just beginning. The actors in the play Peter Pan had been working on this (More)
Artsapalooza 2016
This year for artsapalooza the grade nines were to require to take an extra part in planning and in the execution of the evening. Some of the jobs that the grade nines did were costume design, photographers, display creators, and cinematographers. I (More)
Don't Laugh, it's a Tragedy!
Don't Laugh, it's a Tragedy Journey to the edge of the World... Will Prometheus be able to escape Zeus’s deadly wrath? Will Pandora be consumed by her curiosity? Is Medusa going to get her heart’s desire? Or will she be ugly…... forever? Can Jason (More)
Don't Laugh, It's a Tragedy!
Recently, grade 6 students- including me, have participated in a performance: Don't Laugh, It's a Tragedy! I think it has been the biggest even (More)
Don't Laugh, It's A Tragedy - Process Journal Reflection
Explain 3 new understandings you have about the rehearsal and production process. A new understanding that I have learned is that you can’t just write a play and you're done, you have to rehearse the lines with choreography and blocking and you have (More)
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