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Start of Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry
The new unit of inquiry began with a provocation to start students thinking about how animals, plants and humans are all dependent on air, water and soil to survive. In groups, students looked at pictures of all these different organisms and consider (More)
Research on Inventions
This week, students have been learning about how to conduct research using print and web articles. First Ms. Gris modeled how she would write down information using her own words into a visual planner. The students then chose a topic of interest to t (More)
Inventions Expo
The building stage of the inventions design process finished on Wednesday. Students embarked on the fourth and final stage of sharing results and receiving feedback, which helped many of them to refine their inventions. Sharing culminated in an expo (More)
Building Inventions
2G has moved on the to "do" part of the design process with great enthusiasm! With design plans in hand, they were very busy these last two days making models of their inventions. Students, including our senior school buddies, helped each other think (More)
Beginning of the Design Cycle
This week the students initiated the first two steps of the design cycle for their inventions. The ask stage involved students inquiring about needs in their immediate environments that they could meet with a new invention. The imagining stage involv (More)
Connecting Needs to Inventions
Yesterday the students engaged in a fun carousel activity to collaboratively determine the needs that drive inventions. They took turns looking at different examples of inventions for kitchens, homes, classrooms, playgrounds and cleaning appliances a (More)
Pink Day
Pink Day was celebrated school-wide today to raise awareness that everyone needs to do their part in recognizing and putting a stop to bullying. 2G watched a TED Talk by Lizzie Velasquez, who shared how she has been bullied throughout her life becaus (More)
Senior School Helpers
2G is excited to have two senior school helpers, Aria and Michael, who will provide extra support to students in class on Tuesdays. For their first day, the class listened to and reflected upon a BrainPOP that outlined four major inventions from anci (More)
Introducing the Design Process
On Monday, Ms. Ramji taught 2G the MYP design process, which is a learning framework in which students ask questions, investigate, construct, and share results with a larger audience. To pique student interest in invention, Ms. Gris read The Most Mag (More)
SCAMPER: A Framework for Invention
In order to investigate how inventors go about making new creations out of old objects, Ms. Ramji introduced 2G to the concept of SCAMPER. This is an acronym for the way an object can be changed to have a new use. S = Substitute, C = Combine, A = Ada (More)
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