One thought on “Vancouver Architecture Tour Guide Assignment

  1. On Tuesday we went on a field trip to down town and it was super thrilling.
    First of all I thought the library looked like the coliseum. However it meant to be not the coliseum. I thought it was like the coliseum because it had columns that was like the coliseum.
    Second, of all what I also thought was interesting is Robson Square because I have never seen a building on its side I have only seen vertical buildings. I also think it’s very shrewd.
    Thirdly, I think that the church is interesting because there were these stain color glass that was stunning and real looking. I also thought the church had a substantial organ that was loud and sometimes annoying.
    Forth of all, I thought that the marine building was very remarkable and special because it had these carvings on the door and inside. Even the clock had sea animals on them. For example, star fish, sharks, dolphins…
    Fifth of all, I thought that the conversion center was special because it had lines on the celling and had a big earth on the celling. It was very unique.
    Sixth of all, I thought that the Vancouver Hotel was gorgeous. Because the roof was greenish blue because the roof was made out of copper.
    Last of all, I thought that the art gallery was unique. Because it had 2 boats on the celling and it symbolized art. I did the art gallery and I think the columns had carvings on it.

    In conclusion, I thought that all the buildings are all very motivating and stimulating.

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