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Today the Grade 6’s had a fantastic field trip to downtown Vancouver where groups were responsible to present information on seven different iconic Vancouver buildings. It was a beautiful day and plenty of knowledge was shared. All groups did a good job of being Vancouver Tour Guide!

In reflection, I’d like 6RJ to briefly state what was the most memorable or interesting part of the field trip for you (something you learned that was interesting). Please explain why you found it interesting in at least 2-3 sentences.

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  1. I thought the field trip was very good. I liked the presentation of Hotel Vancouver because that they explained a lot about the hotel and when it was built also how the roof turned green.
    I also like the presentation of the Marine Building because they described how all the drawings related to a story.

  2. I found that it was very useful for our new project finding out about all these different architects who built these buildings so that we could maybe use one of the architects that has become famous. I think it was good for us to see actual arcitecture and see what it realy looks like right next to you so we can see the detail in it and how beautiful it looks like.

  3. On the the field-trip, I aquiered lots of information on the the 7 notable buildings in Vancouver that we visited. The place that interested me the most was Robson Square because it is one of the only areas in Vancouver that is open to only pedestrians, and because it oftenly holds events and celebrations. One of the facts that intrested me the most was that it was originally planned to be the tallest skyscraper in Vancouver. The idea was quickly set aside when a famous architect, Arthor Erickson, came up of the idea to set it on its side so that people could use all of its space, and could walk all over it.

  4. I think today’s field trip was greate. 1 thing that I learnt today was that robsin square was actually a sky scraper on its side and that robsin square also included the art gallery. Another really interesting thing I learnt today that the new library actually had an area outside of it that was covered but it felt like you were actually outside but you were inside.

  5. What I found most interesting about our trip to different buildings in Vancouver was that the architect of the library claims not to have been inspired by the Coliseum. These two buildings look so similiar the column approach and the full circle. Its hard to think that the library was not Coliseum inspired. That is what I found most interesting.

  6. the most interesting part of the field trip for me was Robson Square. I really didn’t know that Robson Square was actually a skyscraper that was turned on it’s side! I found that interesting because most skyscrapers are supposed to be horizontal but it’s really interesting that it is vertical. I also didn’t know that the vancouver art gallery was a court before.

  7. The most memorable part of the field trip was getting to actuley see the building in real life not in a picture. I think this because it is hard to see the different angles in a picture. Another memorable part was giong inside the library because I haven’t being to it for a long time. Overall it was a very enteristing field trip.


  8. I thought the field trip today was interesting because we learned a lot about the buildings that represent Vancouver and the history of how it was built. I learned all about how the different architects had different ideas and how they all made a beutiful piece of architecture full of mathimatical concepts.

  9. My favourite building we visited was the Art Gallery because of the artistic statues of the lions in the front, the copper roof, and the boats on the roof. I found it interesting that the art gallery had been moved so many times and that the building used to be the courthouse. Overall the experience in Downtown Vancouver was fun and very informative.

  10. I found this trip interesting and it was almost like a vacation going into different places. I especially liked the marine building because while I was researching I really wondered what it will look like up close and right in front of my eyes. The other thing is that when you go somewhere is somewhere you don’t know anything about it. But this time you knew about the building and was the opposite of my past tours. I was the tour guide and I felt like I really was a tour guide.
    ~ David K.

  11. At today’s field trip, I gained a new and deeper perspective and appreciation for the buildings that I’ve seen countless times. It was fascinating to learn that each building had it’s own unique character. I think it was a great experience especially because it really helped me get the big picture of all the components we learned about like architecture features, mathematical concepts, and elements and principles of design, coming together.

  12. I thought that Robson Square was the most interesting, because it’s a skyscraper on its side! All skyscrapers are vertical, but this one is horizontal because it would cast a shadow over downtown, so in order to be able to build Robson Square, the architect had to construct it sideways.

  13. Todays field trip I learned that robson square is a building fliped on it’s side. Because if it was standing people will be concerned. I also learned that the library was like the Coliseum.

  14. Today’s trip was very intresting, because everyone had a different theme design, like people’s personality so i think i learn alot from going on to this feild trip. The most intresting thing is that i didn’t pay much attention to Robson Square everytime i pass it. But after the feild trip Robson square became quit an intresting topic since it is a sideway skyscraper.

  15. One of the most memorable or interesting parts of the field trip was going to Robson square. Some thing I found interesting was the fact that Robson square is a skyscraper laid on its side. Another thing I found interesting about Robson square was all of the little sculptures that were scattered around the area.

  16. One of the most memorable and interesting parts of the field trip was going to Robson square. I found Robson square very interesting because Robson square is actually a skyscraper on its side. Another thing I found interesting was all of the little sculptures that were scattered around the building.

  17. Yesterdays field trip was great!! I learned a lot of things about different architects and architecture. My favorite building was the Robson Square because I learned that the Robson Square was suppose to be a skyscraper, but Arthur Erickson said that it would cover a lot of sunlight so they built it on its side. I also liked the Hotel Vancouver group, they cover a lot of info about the outside and inside of the building, like how the roof can change colour into green when it hits sunlight and a lot of other stuff.(I also liked the menu, it looked *delicious*)

  18. On Tuesday we went on a field trip to down town and it was super thrilling.
    First of all I thought the library looked like the coliseum. However it meant to be not the coliseum. I thought it was like the coliseum because it had columns that was like the coliseum.
    Second, of all what I also thought was interesting is Robson Square because I have never seen a building on its side I have only seen vertical buildings. I also think it’s very shrewd.
    Thirdly, I think that the church is interesting because there were these stain color glass that was stunning and real looking. I also thought the church had a substantial organ that was loud and sometimes annoying.
    Forth of all, I thought that the marine building was very remarkable and special because it had these carvings on the door and inside. Even the clock had sea animals on them. For example, star fish, sharks, dolphins…
    Fifth of all, I thought that the conversion center was special because it had lines on the celling and had a big earth on the celling. It was very unique.
    Sixth of all, I thought that the Vancouver Hotel was gorgeous. Because the roof was greenish blue because the roof was made out of copper.
    Last of all, I thought that the art gallery was unique. Because it had 2 boats on the celling and it symbolized art. I did the art gallery and I think the columns had carvings on it.
    In conclusion, I thought that all the buildings are all very motivating and stimulating.

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