Tour Guide Assignment Reflection

Today the Grade 6’s had a fantastic field trip to downtown Vancouver where groups were responsible to present information on seven different iconic Vancouver buildings. It was a beautiful day and plenty of knowledge was shared. All groups did a good job of being Vancouver Tour Guide!

In reflection, I’d like 6RJ to briefly state what was the most memorable or interesting part of the field trip for you (something you learned that was interesting). Please explain why you found it interesting in at least 2-3 sentences.

Design a house contest

The Challenge: Design a house that will be presented to Bass, our architect/designer. She will choose the house of her choice based on the information presented. The winner of the contest will have their house built (in model form) to spec.  The following  elements need to be strongly considered when designing your house.

  • eco-friendly & energy efficientmaterials used to build the house, alternative energy sources, appliances etc.
  • location (somewhere in BC)-what are the reasons for your location?
  • budget
You can choose any format to present your information to our architect. However, remember that this is a contest and that you want her business. Make it organized and presentable, otherwise she will not be interested.

Fantastic Flipbooks

Yesterday 6RJ completed their Fantastic Mathematical Flipbooks…and they truly were fantastic. The flipbooks represented different mathematical concepts that relate to art and architecture. Students included beautiful use of color, creative ways to incorporate additional information and quality explanations of the concepts. Well done 6RJ!

Pictures from Flipbook mania

This week has been filled with activity surrounding the creation of the Mathematical Flipbooks. The students in 6RJ have been very busy researching and note-taking information on mathematical concepts that connect with art and architecture. It has been a great learning experience as we have explored various methods of research including the internet and books. The students are also responsible for recording their sources in a bibliography.