Mulgrave Jr. School Public Speaking Finals

After a month of preparation, the day had arrived. Students, grades 4-6 had meticulously planned and delivered their speeches. Semi-finalists had competed against their peers and finalists were chosen to represent their grade. Today was the day the finalists would compete for the coveted title of Public Speaking Champion. It must not be overlooked, the standard of public speaking across grades 4 through 6 is exceptional. Their topics well thought out, the introductions very catchy and their delivery simply impressive. A huge congratulations to all participants on a job well done.

The following is a brief clip of each competitor. My apologies to Jenna as I have somehow lost the audio. Also included is Madeleine’s performance which won her the talent show. A truly impressive talent!

Galaxy Gavin and Edison’s Electricity Workshop

On Thursday, June 6th Galaxy Gavin stopped by the grade 6 classrooms to conduct an electricity workshop. The students thoroughly enjoyed learning and participating in hands activities. Some of the concepts included constructing parallel and series circuits, solar power, the power of the potato, static vs. current electricity and lastly the basics of molecules and atoms. Thanks to Hi-Touch Hi-Tech for such a great learning experience.

Ms. Mitchell debriefing with 6RJ about Boston

Today Ms. Mitchell came and visited 6RJ to debrief and answer questions about her experience in Boston this past weekend. The students were very curious about where Ms. Mitchell was when the bombs went off. They were also interested in how much she knew about what was going on at the time of the bombing. In actual fact, she initially didn’t know that it was a bomb. And when she learned the reality of the situation, she rightfully became scared and concerned about the friends and family she was down there with. Thankfully, Ms. Mitchell and the friends and family she was with were all fine.

The discussion also turned to the marathon itself. Ms. Mitchell and the students talked about how fantastic the experience of running the prestigious Boston Marathon was. They also talked about the commitment and dedication that goes into training and qualifying for such an event. The students were in awe of Ms. Mitchell’s accomplishment…and rightly so.

At the end of the day, it was so sad that this joyous event was stripped away from so many people. These people were not only runners who had trained so hard to get there, but also the families and friends that came to show their support. Ms. Mitchell will run the Vancouver Sun Run this weekend to show her support to all those that were effected or lost loved ones in the Boston Marathon bombings. She will also be running to show that she will not be discouraged from taking part in something she is passionate about and that, of course is running.


Reading with 2F

Today half of 6RJ has embarked on band camp. The rest of us decided it would be fun to go and visit our friends up in 2F. Mrs. Finlayson had us paired up to do some reading with the students. It was a lot of fun hearing the G2’s read so well. They also answered some questions we had about the stories they read. Thanks for inviting us for a visit.












ISABCPD13-iPad Workflows & Student Tech Helpers

On Friday, myself along with 6 Mulgrave students, presented a workshop at the ISABC 2013 Professional Development Conference. Over 1000 ISABC educators from across BC came together and shared ideas on education. It was an exciting day full of enthusiasm and collaboration.

My workshop was titled “how to create iPad Workflows” and it focused on how to use multiple apps to achieve a learning objective. It was my first presentation of this nature and also my first step into leading a workshop. I was excitedly nervous to say the least. The content of my presentation involved sharing some the strategies and assignments that we have been exploring in grade 6. I must give a huge amount of credit to my students who have open and willing to try these new ideas. Some have worked and others simply have not. Regardless, I sincerely appreciate their flexibility in giving them go.

After 45 minutes of me talking about how we use apps like Explain Everything, Dropbox and Google Drive, my keen and enthusiastic tech experts sprung into action helping the participants with the iPad Workflow assignment. It was amazing to watch these students guide and instruct the participants. They all were confident, clear and poised in their actions. It truly was a moment of positive reflection and pride.

There are understandably many perspectives on the validity of using the iPad as an instructional tool, but personally it was undeniable that during the workshop, these students had benefitted from it. Not so much as their ability to navigate apps and create assignments, but more so their ability to engage in meaningful conversation and help others problem solve a task. So on that note, I would like to sincerely thank my tech experts for taking the time, for being risk takers and for helping other educators see the benefit of using the iPad as a powerful learning tool.

And with that we will continue to explore and find meaningful ways to use the iPad as an effective tool.


The Gala Project is complete…I know it’s January

Last week we were fortunate enough to welcome the art studio 4Cats to 6RJ. Or class parents organized for three instructors to come to Mulgrave and assist in creating our gala project. The project is inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflower painting. The students each had the opportunity to paint one flower for a total of 21. It turned out amazing! Thanks so much to the Catherine Roseman who came to me with the idea and spearheaded the project. Good luck at the auction.



G7 Shadow Day pictures

Last Wednesday 6RJ participated in their grade 7 shadow day. Students were very excited as this was their first real life glimpse of what is in store for next year. The students were paired up with a buddy and simply experienced the life of a grade 7. Upon return, students had some interesting remarks. Many noted how their self-management and independence will need to improve.


ELC First buddy visit

Last week 6RJ had our first and highly anticipated ELC buddy visit. The students created a little card for their buddy and also selected a book that they would read together. It was a fantastic 30 minutes and we are looking forward to developing friendships.