The Picture Book Quest-iPad Workflows

In this assignment, students were tasked with creating a video using the app Explain Everything to make connections with the unit Where we are in place and time. The Picture Book Quest 2012 Summative Assessment outlines the details of this assignment. Please have a look at some of the student examples.

Artistic Impressions in progress

At the beginning of the week students in grade 6 were given an assignment called Artistic Impressions. Their task was create 2 pieces of work using in connection with the novels “The Woods Runner or Fever.” The first piece was to create draw a scene from the book that, in their view, made a strong connection to the central idea: Struggle and conflict can motivate artistic expression.

Once completed, their next task was to write a well structured and articulated paragraph explaining how this scene from the book made connections to the central idea. The students then generated an assessment rubric with criteria they felt was appropriate for assessment. It was an interesting experience and one that gave them some insight into what goes into creating assessment rubrics.

Io look forward to seeing the final product. Stay tuned for a post that sums up their work




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Student Generated Assessment Rubric

A few days ago, the grade 6 group got together to produce a student generated assessment rubric for an upcoming assignment. The assignment is called ‘Artistic Response to the Woods Runner or Fever.” Simply, the objective of the assignment is to draw a scene from the novel that illustrates a connection to the central idea (Struggle and conflict can stimulate artistic expression). After creating the illustration, students will write a short, but concise paragraph explaining the importance of the scene in connection with the central idea.

After introducing the assignment, students were then tasked with creating an assessment rubric. This process was led by Mrs. Ferguson with the support of Ms. Y and Mr. R-J. The whole process took an hour and proved very valuable. Students first chose the criteria to which they would be assessed on which included Visual Representation, Written Component, Paragraph Structure and Vocabulary and Usage. The next step, and definitely the most challenging, was writing the descriptors at each of the four levels. It was especially interesting witnessing the student’s improvement from the start of the process to the end. Creating rubrics can be a bit tricky, but the 6’s did a great job on their first one of the year. At the end of the process, the students had created a well detailed and thorough assessment rubric.


How did last week help me understand more about the UOI?

Central Idea: Struggle and conflict can stimulate artistic expression

Lines of Inquiry:

1. The ways conflict and struggle motivate creativity

2. The role of art in human conflict

3. The role of art in creating change

Please describe in 3-5 sentences how the research you have done relates to the central idea, a line of inquiry and the concepts of causation, perspective and reflection.  Make sure to be specific and clear in your writing. We will be reviewing these comments in tomorrow’s class.