Tour de West Vancouver-Exhibition Field Trip

Today the Grade 6 students took part in the “Tour de West Vancouver.” This field trip was an exploration of West Vancouver to discover how humans impact the environment in both positive and negative ways.  At each of the three locations (Lighthouse Park, Ambleside Beach and the Mulgrave Community Garden), the students actively engaged in improving the local natural environment.

The first stop was Lighthouse Park where the students learned and physically pulled up the invasive species of English Ivy. We then moved onto Ambleside Beach and learned about the importance of the maintenance and balance of the food chain. After a great food chain tag game we embarked on a beach clean up where we collected all sorts of garbage and disposed of it in the proper order. Our last stop was back at Mulgrave School where we learned about allotment gardens and their functionality and growing popularity. We also planted some beans in our very own allotment garden. We are really looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor. It was a great day and we learned many things about our local environment and especially how we can take action and make a difference.