ISABCPD13-iPad Workflows & Student Tech Helpers

On Friday, myself along with 6 Mulgrave students, presented a workshop at the ISABC 2013 Professional Development Conference. Over 1000 ISABC educators from across BC came together and shared ideas on education. It was an exciting day full of enthusiasm and collaboration.

My workshop was titled “how to create iPad Workflows” and it focused on how to use multiple apps to achieve a learning objective. It was my first presentation of this nature and also my first step into leading a workshop. I was excitedly nervous to say the least. The content of my presentation involved sharing some the strategies and assignments that we have been exploring in grade 6. I must give a huge amount of credit to my students who have open and willing to try these new ideas. Some have worked and others simply have not. Regardless, I sincerely appreciate their flexibility in giving them go.

After 45 minutes of me talking about how we use apps like Explain Everything, Dropbox and Google Drive, my keen and enthusiastic tech experts sprung into action helping the participants with the iPad Workflow assignment. It was amazing to watch these students guide and instruct the participants. They all were confident, clear and poised in their actions. It truly was a moment of positive reflection and pride.

There are understandably many perspectives on the validity of using the iPad as an instructional tool, but personally it was undeniable that during the workshop, these students had benefitted from it. Not so much as their ability to navigate apps and create assignments, but more so their ability to engage in meaningful conversation and help others problem solve a task. So on that note, I would like to sincerely thank my tech experts for taking the time, for being risk takers and for helping other educators see the benefit of using the iPad as a powerful learning tool.

And with that we will continue to explore and find meaningful ways to use the iPad as an effective tool.


The Picture Book Quest-iPad Workflows

In this assignment, students were tasked with creating a video using the app Explain Everything to make connections with the unit Where we are in place and time. The Picture Book Quest 2012 Summative Assessment outlines the details of this assignment. Please have a look at some of the student examples.

How the Microscopic World Works-iPad Workflow

The following YouTube clips are created using an app called Explain Everything. Once students had finalized their research on a given topic related to our unit in How the World Works, they then took their new found knowledge and created a video using the app. After creating the video the students uploaded there video to a shared Dropbox folder. Once all videos were uploaded, students completed a peer assessment and took notes on the videos viewed. After the assessment, the students were then able to use their new understandings to help them with a summative assessment.