The PYP and Inquiry

The PYP aims to:

  • make meaningful connections between classroom learning and the world outside
  • provide high academic standards while promoting international understanding and responsible citizenship
  • facilitate opportunities for students to make discoveries about concepts that are relevant and engaging and to encourage them to always be inquirers
  • encourage students to take authentic action

What is Inquiry?

  • It is concept driven
  • Technology is integral to our inquiries
  • It is based on teacher and student questions
  • It makes connections to students prior knowledge
  • It integrates relevant subjects and life experience
  • It leaves learners wanting more!




One thought on “The PYP and Inquiry

  1. I found out that the artist had history of quick marriage and easy divorce. Line of inquiry 1 was the line I chose the connection because he may have had a hard and difficult marrige and he may have been inspired by it to make the sculpture the rings.

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