Día 10 Work, work, work – sweating buckets

After a relaxing 2 non -working days of rest, we started back up on our project and main goal, building a school for the community. The day began with the first 3 shifts at the work site. Although some of us were exhausted and motionless with fatigue, our motivation and mind was ready to work. […]

Día 9 “What is life?”

Today, we started the day with a healthy meal consisting of ham and cheese croissant sandwiches and some cherry and passion fruit Jugo (Juice). Afterwards, we embarked on the journey to Mount “Isobel de Torres” where we went on the “Teleférico” (cable car), and moved all the way up Mt. Isobel de Torres. When we […]

Día 8 AccountabilibuddyAwesomeSynergeticSauce

We started the day of by receiving an important reminder from Mrs Clark, touching on subjects such as the safe space and showing respect to our immediate community. We then headed off to the community where we got to know the kids better and students had time to come out of their shell and interact […]

Día 6 “Bananas and Ronny’s juice”

Peanut butter was the only thing driving us to move this morning, however we woke with an enthusiastic mindset. They say that the beach is a place where you can interact with your playful side, which we did after a conversation about safe space. “What is your why?” Was the first thing Julie asked us. […]

Día 5 Strike 1, st…rike 2, st…ri…ke 3

¡ Buenas noches! It’s Leo and Reed giving you today’s update! After a healthy breakfast consisting of cheese-egg croissant sandwiches, watermelon juice and fruit, we headed out towards the school construction site. At the worksite, what we noticed was that everyone was working hard with sweat literally drenching their shirt. The main job of today […]

Día 4 ‘Stella Stella Hola, clap clap’

¡Buenos Días desde la Dominicana República! We started out morning with sunscreen, water (tall, strong coffees for Mr.Prior and Mrs. Clark) and a positive attitude. As sleepy students gathered at the dinning hall, the aroma of fresh French toast and tamarind Jugo (juice in Spanish) permeated. It was as wonderful as it sounded, we set […]