Academic Goal: French has been my most challenging class and due to the larger demand this year and expectation for more knowledge and seeing that my other classes are going smoothly and are stable I have decided to focus my academic goal on French this year. Recently we have been discussing the urgent need for me to be working on and improving my French skill and as Grade 10 is a critical year for improvement and reform before the DP program it is the perfect time to dedicate more time to French. I will be practicing French every day after school as part of my homework routine regardless of whether I have French homework for 30-60 mins and will be attending the Tuesday and Thursday help sessions to check in and have verbal practice with a teacher. Hopefully by the end of the year, aside from being proficient enough to pass the exams, have a casual conversation in French.


Creativity: My two creative commitments this year are Personal Project and Jazz Band. I feel that Jazz Band is more measurable in terms of success and because I am just returning and want to set goals for my reacquisition of skills I have decided to make my creativity goal around band. During my first jazz band lesson I realized how much work I needed to put in to regain my skills. I was unaware of the key of the piece and therefore could not read music properly and correlate them to trumpet fingering. I was also confused about what the rests and breaks meant as well as the whole timing of the piece. It was very difficult to keep up and was overall an enjoyable experience but I believe that most of these problems can be solved by studying and a basic acquisition of knowledge. My goal by the beginning of 2016 is to know how to read music properly and know all my trumpet fingerings and be able to keep up with the rest of the band.

Action: I am in PE Normal this year which is less demanding than PE-X but still requires you to partake in a significant amount of physical activity. Aside from my regular PE classes I have decided that I need to take initiative; and spend time walking or using my treadmill or any other physical activity outside of school three times a week. Another useful strategy that we have developed is using physical activities as a break while studying or working on homework or a project. Instead of procrastinating, I can get up and go for a walk or in the winter months spend half an hour on he treadmill. During the spring of 2016 I also hope to rejoin the badminton team which will provide a significant additional boost to my physical activity.

Service: My service commitment this year is Theatre Tech like every year. There is a new teacher, Mr. Sorensen and we have established a good relationship. This seems like it will be a very good year for tech, as I am even more experienced. Last year I did the sound for the school play and I hope to do that again this year for the “Peter Pan” play. This will be a good medium to display my skill and knowledge to Mr. Sorensen. My goal with Tech this year, aside from acquiring more knowledge and becoming more skilled, is to do a better job than last year on the play. Although it will be difficult to Tech commitments with academic work, especially during the play, I think I can do it but it will take dedication and focus while working.

Personal Goal: I have noticed that one of my major problems while working on general homework and especially during a big project is that I am unable to work efficiently and very often get off task. This is more than just simple procrastination, I have lots of trouble forcing myself to work and take breaks way to frequently, which drags the project or homework out far longer than it needed to take. The breaks I take are also not healthy breaks, aside from being too frequent they are unenjoyable and I feel guilt while taking them but I can’t force myself to work. I often am more dedicated to finding a way to procrastinate than I am to working and go out of my way to find a way to procrastinate despite the program I have in place to block distracting websites. My goal is to try to stay focused and work harder but shorter with less distracted breaks and to formulate a plan to take more healthier breaks and work more efficiently. Two ways I could go about doing this is timing myself while working and try to work towards a certain goal during the time period and to take more healthy breaks, such as getting up and exercising to clear my head before returning to work.

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