On the 13th of February the Linda Hammer Theatre put on its final peter pan production of the year. This was a massive milestone for the actors. But for the tech crew, work was just beginning. The actors in the play Peter Pan had been working on this play since October. That’s 5 months of hard work and brutal hours of rehearsal. But in the tech crew, we do thing a little different. I personally am part of the lighting department so I deal with nearly everything you, the audience, sees. In other words, if there were no lights, the audience would literally and figuratively be in the dark. This job is important and very complex to set up. I spent two weeks setting up the lights themselves and programming the console (control surface). The hours I was required to be there for set up was nuts, I sometimes needed to skip classes and work around everyones schedules in order to make it happen. At mulgrave we are lucky to have professionals that come in and teach us how everything works. I have been taught so much from Jeff, the lighting designer, who designs what the stage will look like. I however, do the grunt work and run the show as well as much of the programming and I do lots ┬áthe other miscellaneous tasks.

We did a total of 4 shows and by the end I was very tired. Every year someone from the cast will host a after the show party were everyone gets together and celebrates. It is always a blast.