Grade 10 Winter Camp

Yesterday, my friends and I returned from Manning Park where we went winter camping. We left for the park Sunday morning, taking a bus past Hope and making a short hike to our first camp site. There, we set up our tents, went for a walk past a lake and set up our kitchen spaces. Although there was a pre-existing cabin in which we could cook our meals, we instead created tables, seats and walls on the side of snow banks to cook in. This was a new and fun experience, despite the bitter cold that arrived later in the day.

In the morning, we ate breakfast, packed up our gear and hiked a couple of hours to Manning Park Resort. This was virtually the end of the camp as we got to spend the rest of our time there sleeping in heated cabins with fully stocked kitchens. That night we went outside and played on the hills and hockey rink until it was time to sleep.

The following morning we got up and quickly packed all our things before a quick session of skate skiing, loading up the bus and departing for Mulgrave.

Overall, winter camp was a fun and new experience, however I can’t help but be happy to be back home and out of the cold!

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