CAS Capstone Reflection Two

The past few weeks I have spent working on my Extended Essay, which was based on a study I conducted in Ladakh. Revisiting the experiences I had on the trip, I have had plenty of time to reflect on the Capstone components relevant to it. As was discussed in the previous reflection, the action and service portions of the Capstone project were completed on the Ladakh trip through the screening clinic and hiking components. As for the creativity, my proposal states that I would take photos in Ladakh and doctor them using Photoshop or equivalent software. As the school year has been very busy thus far, I have not yet been able to complete this portion of my Capstone project. I have obtained numerous photos taken in Ladakh, but just have not found the time to edit them digitally. The photos I will be editing consist of photos taken by myself, my father and friends who also went on the trip.

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