My CAS Plan for Grade 10

MY-CAS Activity 1.     Major

2.     Minor


C or A or S

1. Global-Local

2. School

Supervisor Name(s)
Film 10 Major Creativity School Ms. Anson
ACE 10 Minor Creativity Global-Local Ms. Ferreira
MAP Program Major Action Global-Local Paul
CANSAIL 6 Minor Action Global-Local N/A
Volunteering at WVYC Major Service Global-Local N/A
TBD Minor Service N/A N/A

My Goals for Grade 10

Creativity: Get at least a five out of eight on my upcoming assignment in Film Studies 10.

Academic: Get at least a six out of seven in Math this year. I did quite poorly in Grade 9 Math and have since taken steps to improve this. These include getting a tutor, discussing with my teacher and moving down from honours to standard.

Service: Volunteer at the West Vancouver Yacht Club this summer.

Personal: Pass my CANSAIL 6 this coming summer and compete in one sailing regatta.

Term Two Goals


With the start of term two, I have created a few goals to strive for until the end of the school year. Firstly, I would like to get at least a 6 on the end of year exam in math. I have been falling behind in math this year and feel that a 6 out of 8 is an attainable goal. Also, a more CAS related goal I have is to complete my CANSAIL 6 program this summer. CANSAIL is a sailing program that I have taken for many years now. CANSAIL 6 is the final and most difficult part of this program. Finally, as my long term goal I will try to put myself back on the Honour Role. Recently, I fell off the Honour Role with a score of 38. I feel that this is an attainable goal because I have been on the Honour Role in both grade 7 and 8.

Thank you

Final Reflection


As the end of the year is swiftly approaching, I have written this reflection to summarize my experience this year.

Regarding my goals, I feel that I have achieved most of my goals for this year. At the beginning of the year, I set three goals for myself: Get a 5 or above in all subjects, Be proactive in areas that need improvement and to connect with new students. I feel that I did put in a good effort into being proactive in my weaker subjects. I also think that I have made many friendships with new students. Although I did get mostly above five in all my subjects, both PE and Science were below five. Next year, one of my goals will definitely be to put a significant amount of effort into boosting my marks in these subjects.

Considering my CAS this year, I feel that I have put significant effort into the commitments I’ve started throughout the year. One thing that I feel I put a lot of effort into was skiing. Throughout the entire ski season, I went to Whistler every Saturday and Sunday. For the vast majority of these weekends, I took part in the Mountain Adventure Program. Every week I looked forward to going up the mountain with my friends and exploring many new and exciting places. MAP was a very fun experience this year and I will definitely continue to do it next year.

This is my final reflection for my Grade 8 year. Overall, Grade 8 has been an interesting experience that seemed to go by very fast.

Second Term GROW Goals


I have created multiple goals for the second term. These goals are based off of the GROW criterion.

My Academic goal for the second term is to achieve a five or higher in Science. I feel that this is a reasonable goal because last year, I managed to achieve a six. To achieve this, I should participate more in class, study more for tests and try not to leave all the work to the last minute, which I often catch myself doing.

My CAS goal for the second term is to complete the CANSAIL 5 course at the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club. I feel that this is a reasonable goal because I have sailed for several years and so far have never failed to complete a course. As CANSAIL 5 is mainly centered around racing, I should try to develop skills associated with racing sailboats.

My Social goal for the second term is to try to expand my social bubble and make new friendships. To achieve this, I need to be less shy and stop worrying so much about other peoples opinions.

My other goal for the second term is to get an E in my Philosophy elective. In the first term, I was told that I have many interesting opinions but rarely share them unless prompted. So, in order to get an E, I have to be more proactive and contribute more to in-class discussions and debates.

These are my GROW goals for the second term.


Spring Break Reflection


Over spring break, I mostly stayed in Vancouver. However, I also went to Whistler each weekend to participate in my major action commitment, Mountain Adventure Program (MAP). This programs ends next weekend. I have deeply enjoyed participating in this program with my friends and instructor. I will most likely do this program again next year. This is what I did over spring break.

My Reflection on the First Progress Report


Recently, I received my first progress report of the year. I achieved a S in every subject, except for English where I achieved an E. I noticed that, out of all my subjects, my weakest points were Visual Arts and PE. In PE, I should try to help out more when packing and setting up the gym equipment. In Visual Arts, I should strive for a better understanding of the techniques and forms used in both my art and that of others.