Personal Project Progress

For my Personal Project, I’ve chosen to build a desktop computer for my personal use at home. Before deciding on this, I had already begun planning the build which gave me plenty of background knowledge for when I decided it would be my Personal Project. Because of the fact that I had already done most of my research prior to beginning the project, I was able to build my computer in the summer which gave me a great head start for the year. Of course this also made the research portion of the project quite easy. Now, I’m starting the final component of the assignment, the write up. This is a paper meant to summarize the knowledge gained from completing my project, how it applies to the global context selected for it and how successful the project was. All in all I feel that I’m on track to completing my Personal Project on time and with a good effort put in.

Minor Creative Commitment – Game Development

Over the past year a small groupĀ of people and I have been developing a game named SimpleRPG. The game was written mainly in a programming language named Python with visuals done in ACSII. Doing this has allowed me to exercise and expand my knowledge of coding in Python and has improved upon my collaborative and team working skills. The game is now completed and live on multiple websites to be played.