Summit 2 Kayaking Trip

I have really enjoyed participating in summit 2 this year. We have done many things such as kayaking, rock climbing, snowshoeing and many more fun activities. About 3 weeks ago we went on a kayaking expedition from Gabriola all the way to Blackberry point on Valdes Island. The first day we had to be at the school at 5:15am to ensure we made the ferry on time. We took the ferry and drove to the beach we were going to leave from. We then packed our kayaks and left for Blackberry point. Once we arrived we had to carry all of the kayaks up to higher ground because the tide was coming in. We then set up our tents and started making dinner. Meridy and I made gnocchi. After dinner we had free time and then we went to sleep to be well rested for the paddle the next day. The next morning Meridy packed our tent and I started breakfast. After breakfast we had to pack our kayaks and get them into the water. We then paddled to Pirates Cove which we passed on our way to Blackberry point. We arrived at Pirates Cove and unpacked our kayaks, set up our tents, and moved the kayaks to higher ground. We then had a lesson on how to set up tarps because it was starting to rain. After this we made dinner. Meridy and I made soup and it was delicious. After dinner we had free time until we were going to bed. In the morning we left fairly early in order to catch the ferry. We paddled back to Gabriola and unpacked and cleaned the kayaks. We then left in the bus and got on the ferry. Overall it was a very fun trip and I have really enjoyed summit this year.

CAS Commitment – Basketball

This term I was on the grade 8/9 A basketball team. I am proud of myself for making it on the A team and waking up extremely early to go to the practices. Although, basketball has been challenging and tiring I still love to play it. I have learned so many skills that I can apply to my next games. In games I play to my best ability and, again, apply the skills that I learned in practice to beat the other team and come out successful. I am also currently participating on the Mustangs team with grade 9/10/11’s. I find this very useful because practicing with the older girls help me push myself to be better. Overall, basketball has been highly enjoyable for me and I look forward to play it next year

CAS Commitment- MPS

This year is my second year in MPS (mulgrave public square/ student voice) and I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed it because I had the opportunity to give the students a say and a voice. This was good because we didn’t just take in one voice we took in all of the middle school which I thought was beneficial to the Mulgrave community. We held two successful voice sessions where we got the questions of the whole middle school. We have successfully listened and acted on the students. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this co-curricular and I am planning to participate in MPS next year.

CAS Commitment- Jazz Choir

This year I have been involved in many different activities. One of my favourite extra-curricular that I am participating in is Jazz Choir. One of the main reasons I enjoy jazz choir is because there are less people that participate so we are a tighter knit group. A couple weeks ago we attended the Whistler Cantando Music Festival. We performed and achieved a silver medal for our efforts. I have been performing with the Middle School Jazz Choir for 2 years now and it has been a very enjoyable time. Next year I hope to participate in the Senior School Jazz Choir.

CAS Commitment- Choir

Being in choir has been very enjoyable throughout the duration of the year. In a couple week the middle school bands and choirs will be attending the whistler music festival which I am very excited for. I believe that choir has made me more creative and has allowed me to be able to participate in a passion of mine. I have been involved with choir since as long as I can remember in the Junior School. Choir practices are every Monday and Friday at lunch (1:30). Overall, I really enjoy participating in grade 8/9 choir and I look forward to participating in choir as well as jazz choir in the Senior School.

Progress Report Reflection

Just before we got let out for November break we received our progress reports. Overall I feel that I did okay. The subject that I feel I need to improve in are; English, Socials, Visual Arts, and Science. In these subjects I have been achieving a level 3/4 which is average but I feel that I am capable of achieving a higher grade. In Science my grades were all over the place so not necessarily in the 3/4 range but I achieved a 7/8 in some parts and I also had a part where I had a 1/2. In English I had all of the criterion in the 3/4 range which I feel like I am capable of achieving a higher mark for. The same goes for Socials and Visual Arts. My overall academic goals for this term is for me to achieve honour roll and I feel that if I improve in these subjects I will be able to achieve my goal.

MY-CAS eFOLIO COMMITMENTS PLAN (G7-10): Complete and post this plan at the start of the year. It is due in early October.

Major Commitments
long-term commitments that support the 7 Learning Outcomes (noted below)
Categories   CAS Learning Outcome(s)
Time Commitment  (estimate) Commitment Type:
1 Local/Global Impact #
2 School-based initiative
Set a goal(s) for each commitment
1 Choir Creativity Challenge Full Year School Based Get a medal at the Whistler Music Festival
2 Volleyball Activity Collaboration September- July Local/Global Impact Get my overhead serve over consistently
3 MSAC Service initiative and planning Full Year School Based Lead for 2 events throughout the Year
# Minor Commitments
short-term  commitments, especially appropriate for new experiences or learning
Categories  CAS Learning Outcome(s)
Time Commitment  (estimate) Commitment Type:
1 Local/Global Impact
2 School-based initiative
Set a goal(s) for each commitment
1 Jazz Choir Creativity Challenge Full Year School Based Succeed at the Whistler Music Festival
2 Basketball Activity Commitment and perseverance January-June School Based Get my foul shots in consistently
3 MPS Service Collaboration Full Year

Camp Goals and Welcome Back!

This year started off with a digital literacy programme. In this programme we have to make a poster informing people about technology. I know this year is going to be a lot tougher than grade 8, mainly because of exams, and I need to be able to take responsibility for getting all my work done and handing it in on time.

This year for grade 9 camp we are going kayaking up the Indian Arm. I am very excited to go on this trip because last year we did almost the same thing for my elective Summit 1. A goal for camp would be to meet some new people. There are a few new students coming in my camp group so I plan to get to know them better. Hopefully we can be great friends for the rest of the year and through the years ahead of us.

2014-2015 Year End Reflection

This year has been thoroughly enjoyable. I really enjoyed being involved in Jazz Choir, Choir, and many other service commitments. A memorable part of being in Jazz Choir and Choir was travelling to Whistler. It was very fun competing against the other singers coming from different parts of BC. Another part that I had fun participating in would be the mass choir. It was very cool to sing with the other schools, we sounded really good. The electives I chose were great because it got me exposed to many other parts of life. Summit 1 has been a great elective in going and exploring the outdoors and participating in the activities that I normally wouldn’t do (mountain biking, rock climbing). Also, theatre sports and improv was a really fun elective. I learnt how to think on the spot and under pressure. I have also made many new friendships through this elective, these friendships are some that I plan on keeping. Some of the co-curricular activities I participated in are sports such as volleyball and basketball. I enjoy volleyball but I love basketball. I was a part of the grade 8/9 A team which was a big accomplishment for me to get on. Now I am still currently on the grade 7/8 club Mustangs team. I feel that I have improved greatly over this year. This opportunity has been great and I have had so much fun with all the girls on the team. Overall, this year has been very enjoyable for me and I am very excited for next year.