Transdisciplinary skills

I show social skills in school because whenever my friend or any of my classmates are talking I try my best to listen and take note of what they are saying. Also I think I show research skills by whenever I discover new information I write it down so I am able to remember it.

A skill I feel I need to work on is my communication skills because sometimes I get off task and talk while the teacher is talking or talk while we are supposed to be working so I need to really work on that. I can improve upon this by putting in the effort to listen to my teacher. In the middle school I will need communication skills because if I don’t know a due date for a project I won’t be able to hand it in on time.

Knowledge- New understandings

In UOI I have a new understanding of mold because when we did the independent science experiment I found different findings in my experiment. When I did my hypothesis it was actually the other way around, I thought that the dish with more food would react faster and grow the most mold but the dish with less food reacted faster but didn’t grow the most mold. I thought that was very interesting.

Attitudes- Cooperation, Enthusiasm, Curiosity and Empathy

I feel I show cooperation in my daily life because whenever we have groups I try to communicate and work together properly. For example in the assembly I was cooperating with my group to figure out the script so we could do it on Monday. Also, I feel I have shown enthusiasm because when we have basketball games I always try to make an effort to cheer my team on. Another example is when we are in gym class and we play games I try to play my best game and have lots of fun while doing so.

Curiosity is an attitude I need to work on. I need to work on it because when we have a project sometimes I don’t really inquire further. I need to inquire further because then I will understand everything fully. I will use curiosity for future projects. Another attitude that I need to work on just a little bit is empathy because sometimes I don’t picture myself in the other persons perspective to see their point of view. If I did that more often I could make more friends and meet new people.