My Exhibition Journey

“Some the group was nervous but other than that it was very good!” – My mother. Feedback is an essential part of improving. Exhibition was a fun but stressful event and I learned many new lessons for future projects. Now presenting MY EXHIBITION JOURNEY!
During the PYP program I have learned that it is getting you ready for the MYP and the DP. In my perspective the reason the end of the PYP is giving you something to challenge you is to prepare you for the MYP and DP that will give you larger projects than exhibition. So the PYP is getting you ready for the road ahead of you. During exhibition I felt that I showed self-management skills because I wanted this to be organized and done on time so I made the deadlines for certain things to be done and we all made sure we met those deadlines.
If I chose some of the attitudes and IB learner profile attributes I feel I have demonstrated during exhibition one would be a communicator. I feel that because when we were scrambling and stressing to get things done I was able to communicate with my group. Open-minded because I was able to listen to my group members without being disrespectful and to take those ideas and put them into action! Enthusiastic because when we weren’t hopeful we could get something done I would encourage my group to just push through all the doubts and just do it.
Some advice that I feel some important advice the grade 5’s should take into consideration for next year is if you are not super good friends with one of you group members just put that aside and just focus on the work. Also to ask yourself when you are done something “How can I make this better?” Or “Is this grade 6 quality?” Another very important piece of advice is to make sure everyone has a fair share of say.

Improvements prior to my exhibition performance would be always staying on task and to always be focused on the work that I am doing. Also to make sure you have everything in order before the performance. Overall I loved my exhibition journey and I hope to take my lesson that I have learned to the middle school so I can be the best I can be!