MY-CAS eFOLIO COMMITMENTS PLAN (G7-10): Complete and post this plan at the start of the year. It is due in early October.

Major Commitments
long-term commitments that support the 7 Learning Outcomes (noted below)
Categories   CAS Learning Outcome(s)
Time Commitment  (estimate) Commitment Type:
1 Local/Global Impact #
2 School-based initiative
Set a goal(s) for each commitment
1 Choir Creativity Challenge Full Year School Based Get a medal at the Whistler Music Festival
2 Volleyball Activity Collaboration September- July Local/Global Impact Get my overhead serve over consistently
3 MSAC Service initiative and planning Full Year School Based Lead for 2 events throughout the Year
# Minor Commitments
short-term  commitments, especially appropriate for new experiences or learning
Categories  CAS Learning Outcome(s)
Time Commitment  (estimate) Commitment Type:
1 Local/Global Impact
2 School-based initiative
Set a goal(s) for each commitment
1 Jazz Choir Creativity Challenge Full Year School Based Succeed at the Whistler Music Festival
2 Basketball Activity Commitment and perseverance January-June School Based Get my foul shots in consistently
3 MPS Service Collaboration Full Year

Camp Goals and Welcome Back!

This year started off with a digital literacy programme. In this programme we have to make a poster informing people about technology. I know this year is going to be a lot tougher than grade 8, mainly because of exams, and I need to be able to take responsibility for getting all my work done and handing it in on time.

This year for grade 9 camp we are going kayaking up the Indian Arm. I am very excited to go on this trip because last year we did almost the same thing for my elective Summit 1. A goal for camp would be to meet some new people. There are a few new students coming in my camp group so I plan to get to know them better. Hopefully we can be great friends for the rest of the year and through the years ahead of us.

2014-2015 Year End Reflection

This year has been thoroughly enjoyable. I really enjoyed being involved in Jazz Choir, Choir, and many other service commitments. A memorable part of being in Jazz Choir and Choir was travelling to Whistler. It was very fun competing against the other singers coming from different parts of BC. Another part that I had fun participating in would be the mass choir. It was very cool to sing with the other schools, we sounded really good. The electives I chose were great because it got me exposed to many other parts of life. Summit 1 has been a great elective in going and exploring the outdoors and participating in the activities that I normally wouldn’t do (mountain biking, rock climbing). Also, theatre sports and improv was a really fun elective. I learnt how to think on the spot and under pressure. I have also made many new friendships through this elective, these friendships are some that I plan on keeping. Some of the co-curricular activities I participated in are sports such as volleyball and basketball. I enjoy volleyball but I love basketball. I was a part of the grade 8/9 A team which was a big accomplishment for me to get on. Now I am still currently on the grade 7/8 club Mustangs team. I feel that I have improved greatly over this year. This opportunity has been great and I have had so much fun with all the girls on the team. Overall, this year has been very enjoyable for me and I am very excited for next year.

Term 1 Report Card Reflection and Goals!

This past week report cards came out. I feel that my report card was just okay but I feel that I can do much better in term 2. The subjects that I didn’t do as well in were science, english and socials. The subjects that I did well in were math and french. I am happy with my mark in math because I put a lot of effort into the work I did in class and that amount of time I studied for tests. I am improving in these subjects by going to science help and talking to the teachers to see what I can do better for tests and essays. In term 2 I am still aiming to be on honour roll. The goals that I set in the beginning of the year still stand as most of them are year long goals that I am striving to achieve at the end of the year. Overall, this was not my best report card but I am going to be doing extra to ensure that this term my report card will be significantly better.

Mid- Year Reflection

Mid-Year Reflection

  1. How do you feel you have settled in to your Grade level this year?

I feel that I have settled in great and that I am getting along great with all of the new students.

  1. What are two words that describe you as a member of the Middle school? Why? (eg – inclusive – because I have a wide group of friends)

I am a member of the middle school community because I am open minded and I try my best not to exclude anyone from anything.

  1. What attribute from the Learner Profile (principled, knowledgeable, caring, open-minded, balanced, reflective, inquirer, thinker, communicator, risk-taker) describes you the best and why.

The attribute from the IB Learner Profile I think most describes me would be open minded because I try to look at certain things without bias or favouritism.

  1. Efolio: briefly identify each component and comment on your involvement/final thoughts on this commitment.

Major Service

  • I am participating in many programs such as MPS, MSAC, and Student Ambassador.

Minor Service

  • I helped out with many things such as the welcome back barbecue and I also went to we day.


Major Action

  • I participated in Basketball and Volleyball season

Major Creativity

  • I am involved in choir as well as jazz choir.
  1. List the athletic teams/activities you have participated on during this year:
Activity/club at Mulgrave Activity/club in community
Basketball Volleyball- BCO


What was your favorite athletic team/activity and why?


My favourite athletic activity is basketball because its a good way to keep my cardio up and I enjoy it.


  1. Academically (how are you progressing in your classes)?  What classes are you enjoying and/or where are you seeing successes.
Academics Reflection (how do you think you did and why)
SS I feel that I am doing alright in socials and I really enjoy this class
English I enjoy english because I like creative writing and writing creative responses
Math I am not so fond of math but I still do try my hardest to understand all of the topics.
Science I really enjoy science and learning about the world around me
Language B I also enjoy french because I like to learn about different languages and develop my understanding of french
PE PE is my favourite class because you get to learn about the subject while actively moving around
Arts Visual arts is very enjoyable and I find it relaxing to paint or use watercolours to make a work of art
Leap 1 Summit is a lot of fun because you get to go out in the community and try new things
Leap 2 Video production is great for me because I get to learn about computers and editing skills
Leap 3 Improv is an extremely fun elective and probably one of my favourites because I enjoy acting and ms race is a really fun teacher.


  1. What goal(s) do you have for the remainder of the year?

My goals for the rest of the year would be to continue trying my hardest in all of my subjects, especially design tech because I know that it is a difficult subject. Also to be more active in posting to my efolio for the rest of the year.

Progress Report Reflection

A couple of weeks ago close to the end of november everybody received their progress report. I feel that my progress report was okay although I feel that I can do much better. I am initiating going to math help and am thinking of starting up science help to make sure that I get a better understanding of the subject. This way by taking help sessions I can show the teacher that I am putting the effort in and that I do want to excel in that subject. I believe that with these extra little bits that I will be able to get my effort marks up in the very near future.

Term One Reflection

NAME: Alisha Mulijani

** What are the 10 IB Learner Profile Characteristics?

Risk Taker     Open-Minded          Caring

Inquirers        Knowledgeable      Principled       Thinker

Balanced         Reflective               Communicator

1. Open-Minded is the LEARNER PROFILE attribute that best describes me is open-minded because I listen to peoples ideas and do not just say no to peoples opinions just because it’s not my own. Basically I listen to other peoples ideas and perspectives without judgement.

2. The most important thing I learned this term was being organized with my work because I tend to lose things and be very unorganized so I have been working on that this term. Ways I can improve my organization skills are to keep an agenda so I am able to know when a project or homework is due.

3. My major service commitment is MPS (Mulgrave public square) I decided to be part of this commitment because I was really interested and hopeful to give students a voice, the most valuable skill I have learned is speaking your opinion on an idea to make it better because even if your idea isn’t used people can still build off of your ideas.

4. List the action commitments you have participated in or are participating in:

At school Outside of school



Score keeping

5. My favourite action commitment is basketball because I love the way you are challenged with getting up early and playing hard and running hard to score a point for your team

6. My major creativity commitment is band. From this commitment, I have learned some quite extravagant notes to play and this commitment has made me a better flute player

7. Reflect on your MYP Core academic classes:

(how do you think you did and why; make sure to add the level you think you might achieve and your effort level)

Social Studies: The level I think I might achieve is a 5 because I feel I did well this term in the projects that were assigned- effort level: E

English: I feel I did well in English this year so I think I will get a 5 effort level: E

Math: I feel like I did okay in math definitely not my best though I feel like I got a 4 effort level: E

Science: In science I feel like I did well in the projects this year as well as science fair I feel I got a level 5 effort level: E

Lang B: This year in french I feel that I did well and although I forgot to bring my books sometime I still feel that the majority of the time I still had everything and tried y best I feel I acheved a level 5 effort level: E

PE: I feel I did well in PE although I may not be as athletic as everyone else but I feel I achieved a level 5 effort level: E

DT: In the beginning of the year I wasn’t doing so well but when we were nearing the end of the term I started to kind of get the hang of the subject I feel I achieved a level 5 effort level: E

Performing Arts: I feel I did well in performing arts I feel I achieved a level 5 effort level: E

Visual Arts: N/A (next semester)

8. Reflect on one athletic goal you set at the beginning of the year. Were you successful? Why or why not?

One of my athletic goals was to get 50% of my overhand serves over the net. I was successful because I kept trying until I finally got it.

9. A passion that I have is Volleyball. In order to continue to pursue this passion I will need to: Join some out of school volleyball camps or other.

Overall, the school year so far has been really enjoyable and I look forward to the rest of it.

Camp Goals

This year for camp we are going to Anvil Island. I am extremely excited about it! I have made some goals for my camp experience. My first goal for camp is to learn more survival skills that I don’t know already, for example: I would like to learn to tie more complicated knots. My second goal is to learn more about the environment around me and the earth! That it what i hope to accomplish during the camp trip to Anvil Island!