Life and Learning Presentation Reflection

What were your strengths? What did you do well when you presented?:

I feel what I did well was body language because I moved around a bit and I used quite a bit of hand gestures also.

How did you use visuals?:

I used visuals by showing the examples (pictures) of the fashion and how the hippies were like.

What presentation skills could you further develop?:

I could further develop my tone and voice expression.

what are some challenges while presenting? How can you overcome these?:

A challenge that I faced during the presentation was lack of expression because that morning we had basketball practice therefore I being lethargic wasn’t as expressive as I could be. I can overcome this by sleeping more at night and then having more energy for basketball then I will still have some energy left for presenting and being expressive.

What tips would you give to people presenting, based on your own experience?:

I would say that if you are presenting and you are losing the audience’s interest use questions to keep them involved. Also use hand gestures and change your tone and pace so that the audience doesn’t get bored.