Summit 2 Kayaking Trip

I have really enjoyed participating in summit 2 this year. We have done many things such as kayaking, rock climbing, snowshoeing and many more fun activities. About 3 weeks ago we went on a kayaking expedition from Gabriola all the way to Blackberry point on Valdes Island. The first day we had to be at the school at 5:15am to ensure we made the ferry on time. We took the ferry and drove to the beach we were going to leave from. We then packed our kayaks and left for Blackberry point. Once we arrived we had to carry all of the kayaks up to higher ground because the tide was coming in. We then set up our tents and started making dinner. Meridy and I made gnocchi. After dinner we had free time and then we went to sleep to be well rested for the paddle the next day. The next morning Meridy packed our tent and I started breakfast. After breakfast we had to pack our kayaks and get them into the water. We then paddled to Pirates Cove which we passed on our way to Blackberry point. We arrived at Pirates Cove and unpacked our kayaks, set up our tents, and moved the kayaks to higher ground. We then had a lesson on how to set up tarps because it was starting to rain. After this we made dinner. Meridy and I made soup and it was delicious. After dinner we had free time until we were going to bed. In the morning we left fairly early in order to catch the ferry. We paddled back to Gabriola and unpacked and cleaned the kayaks. We then left in the bus and got on the ferry. Overall it was a very fun trip and I have really enjoyed summit this year.

Camp Goals and Welcome Back!

This year started off with a digital literacy programme. In this programme we have to make a poster informing people about technology. I know this year is going to be a lot tougher than grade 8, mainly because of exams, and I need to be able to take responsibility for getting all my work done and handing it in on time.

This year for grade 9 camp we are going kayaking up the Indian Arm. I am very excited to go on this trip because last year we did almost the same thing for my elective Summit 1. A goal for camp would be to meet some new people. There are a few new students coming in my camp group so I plan to get to know them better. Hopefully we can be great friends for the rest of the year and through the years ahead of us.

Camp Goals

This year for camp we are going to Anvil Island. I am extremely excited about it! I have made some goals for my camp experience. My first goal for camp is to learn more survival skills that I don’t know already, for example: I would like to learn to tie more complicated knots. My second goal is to learn more about the environment around me and the earth! That it what i hope to accomplish during the camp trip to Anvil Island!