Progress Report Reflection

Just before we got let out for November break we received our progress reports. Overall I feel that I did okay. The subject that I feel I need to improve in are; English, Socials, Visual Arts, and Science. In these subjects I have been achieving a level 3/4 which is average but I feel that I am capable of achieving a higher grade. In Science my grades were all over the place so not necessarily in the 3/4 range but I achieved a 7/8 in some parts and I also had a part where I had a 1/2. In English I had all of the criterion in the 3/4 range which I feel like I am capable of achieving a higher mark for. The same goes for Socials and Visual Arts. My overall academic goals for this term is for me to achieve honour roll and I feel that if I improve in these subjects I will be able to achieve my goal.

Term 1 Report Card Reflection and Goals!

This past week report cards came out. I feel that my report card was just okay but I feel that I can do much better in term 2. The subjects that I didn’t do as well in were science, english and socials. The subjects that I did well in were math and french. I am happy with my mark in math because I put a lot of effort into the work I did in class and that amount of time I studied for tests. I am improving in these subjects by going to science help and talking to the teachers to see what I can do better for tests and essays. In term 2 I am still aiming to be on honour roll. The goals that I set in the beginning of the year still stand as most of them are year long goals that I am striving to achieve at the end of the year. Overall, this was not my best report card but I am going to be doing extra to ensure that this term my report card will be significantly better.

Progress Report Reflection

A couple of weeks ago close to the end of november everybody received their progress report. I feel that my progress report was okay although I feel that I can do much better. I am initiating going to math help and am thinking of starting up science help to make sure that I get a better understanding of the subject. This way by taking help sessions I can show the teacher that I am putting the effort in and that I do want to excel in that subject. I believe that with these extra little bits that I will be able to get my effort marks up in the very near future.

Term 1 report card reflection

This term I am happy with my report card. I received an overall mark of 37 which I am proud of. Honor roll is what I am striving for in the next term. I know what subjects I need to improve in and I am willing to put in the effort to achieve my goal. The subjects I needed to improve in was mainly Math and Science. A way I can improve in math is to go to math help every Monday so that I can fully understand the concepts that are being taught in class. I can improve in science by going over the textbook and making sure I know all of the concepts thoroughly. The subject that I am proud of is French, I did well because I participated enough and understood everything thoroughly. The next step is to try extra hard in order to achieve principals list which I am hoping to achieve next term but I think I should make sure to get honor roll first. Overall, I am proud of my report card and next term I am striving to achieve honor roll.