Science fair reflection

Science fair has been a great experience for me and although there was some bumps in the road I still progressed through. Some good things in science fair was that the judges really gave some constructive criticism. Also Ms. Reis was really supportive with everyone in making sure everybody was on track. What I didn’t like in science fair was that I was really, really nervous when I had to got to down to present. Other than that science fair was a reasonably okay experience!

Science Test Reflection

Overall this test challenging but I went through most of it with ease like the part where we had to identify the places where chemical changes or physical changes occurred. The areas I need to improve on are making sure I use the scientific language properly and the particle model of matter properly. To study better I think I could be able to make flash cards so I can make sure I know the content of the subject properly. Finally I think that this test was a challenge but I understood most of it.