Personal Achievement Recognition Celebration

This year the School decided to do a Personal Achievement Awards which consisted in everyone writing what they were proud of this past term. This procedure was not realistic to the real world, as not everyone deserves or gets an award. However, it was interesting to see what my other peers had accomplished and were proud of this past term. I learned a lot about my classmates in Homeroom. The achievements were read out and you were given an award. Mine included: my 6 in Math SL, my continuation of my music throughout the year, and my leadership in Arts Council and as a Senior Prefect. I think that this celebration is valuable, however i understand that there were people who were not completely comfortable with other people knowing their achievements as they thought it was something personal. Others, alike me, though it was not a realistic ceremony and does not prepare us for the ‘real world’. For next year, I would advise to do it more privately. Maybe have a one on one session with your homeroom teacher where you get congratulated for your achievements and save yourself from having other people read them out in front of a class.

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