The grade 6s have recently performed a show. I learned that we have to be patient when rehearsing even though it’s really boring waiting, so the teachers can focus on helping the acting team. If we are all playing or loud off stage, the teachers can’t focus on helping the other team when they are acting. It will also distracted the people on stage who are acting and when you’re acting people are distracting you off stage you won’t perform well.

I also learned that we all have to do our best in order to do good at the real show. You can’t just mark it in the rehearsal or else you might mark in the real performance. I have a connection, my ballet teacher told me that there was two girls who always marked and didn’t try their best when practicing and when it came to the real exam, they were marking and didn’t know what to do at all.

Finally, I learned that we all have to practice or review our lines or dance so it is easier for the teacher to plan. If we don’t practise our lines or dance, it would be hard for the teacher because you don’t know anything so you have to keep practicing until yo know it and then we can move on. I would take up a lot of our rehearsal times and we won’t do good at the real performance.

Don’t Laugh it’s a Tragedy!

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