I think overall, I did a pretty good job. Some parts that I didn’t like we’re the part where we had to match the word for the definition becasue you had to memorize it and i hate memorizing things. I like the part where I had to draw the pictures of the answer that I gave. I think I did really well on that page because I got lots of check marks and I explained it really well. I think the challenging parts were that I had to memorize a lot of words, definitions, the names of the animal species and the names for the biomes. I was really busy at that time when we  had to study for the test so I didn’t have that much time to memorize all of the names, but I tried to memorize most of it. I learnt that inorder to help reserved ethe animals and stop them from being extinct, we have to all help by throwing away the garbage, recycling, reusing and not destroying their natural habitat and not hunting them.

Reflection of Science Test

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