2014 Summer Break HIghlight

French Exchange (1 month in France and 1 month home with a french student)

During summer break, I went to France to live with strangers as part of a french exchange with my student, Candice, whom I’ve never contacted in a small town that isn’t really located on the map, but is vaguely described as near a small city called Rouen. I’ve never had trouble traveling because my personality is that I observe, understand and then accept whatever situation I’m in and my surroundings. Accepting my new living space was rather easy because they live in a giant house with a backyard that was larger than the house itself, as well as a fields of wheat behind a fence separating the backyard and field. The main attractions ┬áin the small town were the beautiful bright blue water at the vast beach, the small skate park and the cliff with lights that light up during the night. I also learned about their culture. For example, on July 28th there was a custom to dress in clothes relating to the olden days and to gather near the beach and swim in the water when the clock strikes midnight. Although my exchange family didn’t dress in clothes from the past century, they attended the party of buffet and we danced to the jazz music being played by some musicians. Their custom of kissing cheeks to greet people took some time to get used to. At first, I thought you actually had to kiss their cheeks, but turns out you only need to touch cheek to cheek which I was relieved to learn. My exchange student had many friends and can also play the guitar and the piano. The only thing we have in common is music. While staying in France I learned that music really is an international language. I learned many french songs and even lyrics so I could sing along and they also knew many english songs such as songs by Adele, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, and more. Staying in France helped improve my pronunciation and vocabulary. It was a fun experience plus she has a cute cat.


After a month in France I returned to my home in Canada, but not alone, I went with my exchange student. I live in an apartment with my giant dog which is a big change and took her a long time to accept. She stayed in my room so I slept with my mom which was ok because I got to watch Vampire Diaries (which Candice really likes) and Orange is the New Black (which is awesome) with her. I introduced her to my friends when we all went to PNE and did the Drop Zone together as well as going to the water park. We went to the beach together and took walks through the forest and went hiking as well as biking and rollerblading. We sang many english songs together. I learned that her favorite english band is Muse and that she has a really great memory. In Conclusion, it was a new experience because I only ever went on chinese exchange trips and I improved in French a lot and I really want to do it again this year and the next… and the next…


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