January Reflection-VMUN

I seem to have overestimated myself for my choice in selecting my delegation group/topic for VMUN. My goal was to be placed in the same group as Fanny or Dina, but instead I was chosen to be by myself. I was put into a Crisis Committee with the topic of the Mexican American War from 1846-1848 (a crisis committee goes beyond other committees by going to discuss and debate the topic at midnight). Each person had a significant role of a secretary of a certain stance on the war on the side of Mexico. I find this rather funny because my delegate country for Connect MUN was Mexico and I’m a total beginner with only one trip as experience and I chose such a difficult topic to write and debate about. I’m a little bit stressed because we aren’t allowed computers into the room, only pen and paper (to go with the setting of being in that time period with the exception of being¬†fully knowledgable about the topic), that I’m actually considering changing my committee. However, it was my fault to begin with since I chose my topics almost randomly without thought about what would be the best choice and what would be my most wanted choice. In conclusion, I will have to do a lot of research and I will have to be ready for the committee sessions with paper because I chose the committee without thought and I might as well do good in it and have fun rather than regret it and chicken out. The position paper is due this friday and I have enough time to research and write it so I don’t think I will be that stressed out about it, but just in case, I plan to finish researching and taking notes before tomorrow so I can get that out of the way and focus on writing my position paper tomorrow.

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