Stepping into Senior School?

Now, leaving Middle School and stepping into Middle School sounds like a daunting task. Not only do we leave the comforts of effort graded electives, we will meet new teachers, who we will be looking to for guidance until graduation. To reflect on this, here are my three goals to keep in mind as I transition from Middle to Senior School.

  1. To learn when skills I need to improve on–this I’d have to say is time management. It will be even more important in Senior School because of all the work load! Not that I’m complaining!
  2. Less procrastination–everyone struggles with this. To improve the amount of procrastination I do, I plan on creating a work plan. Such as every 1 hour of study and homework, I reward myself with 10 minutes of free time!
  3. ORGANIZING-to get rid of all the loose-leaf paper and instead, use a binder! This will greatly please my Senior School teachers because definitely, it will make it easier for their poor eyes to read and access my work when the have 60+ other students!

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