Science 7 Year End Reflection

Science 7 has come to and end. There are many skills, concepts and knowledge I learnt this year.  One of the highlights of science seven was the science fair because we had the privilege talking to the judges while learning new scientific knowledge and learn how to write a formal lab report. Some skills I developed throughout the year include writing a formal lab report, choosing and making different graphs, and having a clear comprehension about the ethics and implications of different scientific hot topics. The three topics I most enjoy learning this year were the chemistry unit involved acid and base, the science fair experiment, and the Earth science unit. The chemistry unit was interesting as we can identify an object’s pH level by having experimented with cabbage juice. The unit of inquiry was worth learning because we can design our own experiment within our own interest while learning much fascinating scientific knowledge. The content in the earth science unit was challenging compared with other units, but the knowledge was worth knowing. Some things I improved are having proper headers for my graphs, have better time-management skills, formatting lab reports and have good intext-citations.  A challenge I had this year was the cells and microscope unit. It was a bit difficult as I did not review as much as I need for the test. Overall, I had a great year in science 7, and I am looking forward to science 8.

Whistler Trip!

At the end of April, Middle School bands and choirs went to Whistler for the annual Whistler Music Cantando Festival. The trips lasted for four days and there were many highlights in the trip. This year I was part of both Grade seven choir and band. It was very exciting as it was the first year of having grade seven band and choir as two ensembles.

After performing our pieces, we received feedback from the adjudicators and had two hours long workshops for both ensembles. Both grade seven band and choir did well as we got silver plaques. One of the highlights of the trip was we had a chance to wander around Whistler village with our friends as we had free time. Another highlight was we saw other professional bands perform, and we had the privilege to see traditional African music.

The whistler trip was enjoyable but also a great opportunity to bond relationships with each other. We said goodbye to this year’s Whistler trip by playing a scavenger hunt with mixing grades.  The Whistler trip was unforgettable, and I am looking forward to next year’s Whistler “adventure.”  🙂 

Science Fair 2015-16

Yesterday, the grade sevens shared their science experiments to the judges and parents. My experiment was about testing water evaporation of different moisturizers.  Fortunately, I got in first place in chemistry. Presenting my experiment to the judge was one of the highlight I had, because it helped me with presentation skills and being confident. Some skills I improved are visual arts skills, designing skills, time management skills and presentation skills. Some challenges I had are memorizing my script and spending nights writing my research paper. I can apply this experience to my future presentations or interviews because this experience taught me how to be confident, be brave and improvise information quickly. If I could do this experiment again, I would still do chemistry and change my independent variable into the temperature of the surroundings for testing the effectiveness of weather impact on moisturizers.  Overall, although the process of science fair was tough, but I still miss the days and nights working on it.

Winter Concert

Before Christmas, upper school choir and band went to the West Vancouver United Church for the annual winter concert. The concert was successful and I think everyone performed well. For both band and choir, I think we prepared well and people complimented our performance.  It was very fascinating to watch the other ensembles performing their piece, because many ensembles have interesting actions and harmonies that goes well with song. Overall, I really enjoyed the winter concert and I am really looking forward to next year’s concert.



Volleyball Season

In the beginning of November, we had our ISEA Championships for volleyball. Although for our semifinal game we made some mistakes on the court, we finished strong and brought back home a bronze metal.  The day when we finished the tournament was bittersweet.  It was sweet because we showed great intensity, true heart and spirit towards volleyball, and won third place across all ISEA schools.  It was bitter because volleyball season is over. Think back to the first game we played, as a team, we had grown so much stronger. Each of us set goals for ourselves, in the end,  I think we reached them and gradually became more powerful as the season goes.   Through this season, we learned many new skills and had more experiences dealing with different situations on the court. I truly appreciate Ms.Johnson and Mr.Wright for the great season, and I am looking forward to the upcoming basketball season with a gold metal!!

Go Titans!!!!



Science Density Test Reflection


Few weeks ago, we did our first lab assessment on density. I think the overall marks I got was good but I could have improved on things: always be very careful and accurate when measuring liquids or other substances and add more details to make a thorough answer for questions like explain why or how. These are the two things I need to work on and for our next science test, my goal is to achieve seven or eight for criteria A and six or seven for criteria C.

Chap 3 Math Integers Test Reflection



Few days ago, I did an math test based on positive and negative numbers. The questions are fairly easy for me in the first few pages , but it got progressively tricker as I went through.  I think I did good for this test, because I am happy with my final marks and I studied before the test.   I could have improved on checking the test before handing it in to avoid some silly mistakes. Overall, I think I did good on this test but next time my goal is to achieve straight sevens for all criteria.

Camp Reflection

Personally, I had plenty of fun during camp.  The biggest challenge I overcame was hiking onto the white spot.  I don’t usually hike, so I am not as experienced as my other classmates, but when I finally hiked up onto the white spot I found that the view up there was extraordinary, so it is worth to hike up there even though it was very tired.  It was wonderful to sleep outside under some gigantic trees and sleep on the tarp we builded ourself and listen to the bee buzzes in midnight.  Finally, I really enjoyed  the time I spent in my cabin with my friends and the games we played before dinner. Overall, grade 7 camp this year was very exciting and I am looking forward to grade 8 camp next year.

Camp Goal

I have several camp goals to achieve this year.  The first goal is to make new friends and talk to people who I don’t usually talk to.  Because we have to collaborate as a team, and I don’t want to make the new students this year feel excluded. The second goal for me is trying not to scream when bugs is around me.   This year, I want to sept out of my comfort zone and enjoy what nature bring to me. Overall, I think these goals are achiveable and I hope I can reach these two goals this year at camp