Science Fair 2015-16

Yesterday, the grade sevens shared their science experiments to the judges and parents. My experiment was about testing water evaporation of different moisturizers.  Fortunately, I got in first place in chemistry. Presenting my experiment to the judge was one of the highlight I had, because it helped me with presentation skills and being confident. Some skills I improved are visual arts skills, designing skills, time management skills and presentation skills. Some challenges I had are memorizing my script and spending nights writing my research paper. I can apply this experience to my future presentations or interviews because this experience taught me how to be confident, be brave and improvise information quickly. If I could do this experiment again, I would still do chemistry and change my independent variable into the temperature of the surroundings for testing the effectiveness of weather impact on moisturizers.  Overall, although the process of science fair was tough, but I still miss the days and nights working on it.

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