Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy Reflection


The three IB Learner Profile attributes that helped me were being open-minded, risk-taker, and balanced. I was being open-minded when new ideas were being incorporated for us (like the wave walk). I convinced with myself that it wouldn’t use a lot of time to perfect it. I was being a risk-taker when we had to giggle and be like ooh before we said our line (the one all of the sacrificial girls said). I wanted to just mouth it, but instead I said it to see how it went. I was being balanced when I spent some time practicing at home and at the same time, being able to manage my time just like before the play.

I was inspired to say it the way I said it from imagining I was actually being sacrificed to a beast in real life. I reacted to the lines of the chorus or the other sacrificials, which was sort of how I brought my character to life.

I discovered that I could act and bring my character to life if I wanted to. Usually, I don’t like acting, so I wouldn’t actually put my best effort into it. For this play though, it was different. I felt like I should try to do the best I could.

I am the most proud of how everyone just kept on going, despite the mistakes that we made. As the saying goes, the show must go on, I felt like we immediately kept going when there were malfunctions, etc. I am also proud of how everyone put in their best effort to make the production fun and exciting.

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