Goal 3

I wanted to return to my dance training at pretty high intensity. During my grade 11 year, I did not have physical training at such high intensity. I wanted to be healthier by training harder. This again involves time management. In order to achieve my local volunteer hours, I asked to TA for multiple classes in a role.

Goal 2

I wanted to manage my time more effectively. Because of my course selection, I could hardly manage to spare my hours into my subjects. Not only did I take double science, I took higher level for both biology and chemistry. On top of that, I also took two language A courses, with English in higher level, and higher level math.

In grade 12, I made the decision to drop chemistry higher level to standard level. I had more time to do the readings for history and study for math and biology.

I also came up with more effective ways of studying for each subjects. For example, for biology, I repeatedly drew the diagrams and organized notes as if answering a short answer question (about 6 times) on the day I had biology class. On the weekend I repeat the process on Saturday morning. And then on Sunday night I read through my notes. For math, I asked Dr. Frewin to select the most important types of questions for each chapter once we’ve covered the basic calculating techniques for the unit.


I realized organizational skill is not only about time management, it in also about exploring a suitable studying method.

Goal 1

One of my goals for this year is to improve my academic writing skill. I tried to read essay samples from the ib and read the comments and took notes of the examiner’s highlights. I also derived a more specific, easy to follow rubric from the notes I took, and from there I wrote down lists of what i must include in  English papers and history papers. I’ve also had more practice from my teachers and I applied my new writing skills. I also developed my own template for writing English and History papers, which I showed my subject teachers and they approved.


I took the write approach to achieving this goal. I did not do more practice without comparing my work to those of higher standards. I learned about what was expected of me before I jumped into work.


Academic: Improve English mark to 6, Math to 7, History to 6, Biology to 6, Chemistry to 6.

Action: Keep dancing

Service: Math tutor for all students at school.

Personal: Manage stress by myself through meditation.