Reflection (Commitments)

I’ve jumped right back into the school year. I’ve made multiple commitments, which at first I was worried would consume a lot of time but I’ve decided I work better on a tight schedule because I work more efficiently with set time schedules. After having tried different schedules over the past year, I took a break from almost all commitments and did the bare minimum in grade 8 in comparison to grade 9 where I branched out and joined a lot of commitments. The amount of commitments I have running during the fall season include:



and the permanent one’s throughout the year include:

Peer Advising

Model UN

Chamber Choir

Vocal Jazz

Other commitments I plan on making throughout the year:


Golf (maybe)

While worried at first, I believe that all these commitments will help me with a creative and action outlet. After having come from a swim practice at this moment in time, I feel refreshed in the morning and product DESPITE waking up at 6am and swimming for an hour from 7:30-8:30. I think that my type of personality works better with slight stress to keep me going. I know this seems like a lot to jump into for the first couple of months but I believe it will help me thoroughly and help me feel more accomplished.

While I understand it was my choice to take all of these commitments on, I do wish teachers had more sympathy and understanding for the amount of commitments some students make. It is hard to have an assignment assigned Friday due Monday, and then have a volleyball tournament Friday+Saturday, and accomplish other homework all for Monday. This is somewhat stressful but the amount of relief and accomplishment I feel when I finish all of my work definitely boosts my self confidence.

Another thing that is difficult is the clashing schedules of all these commitments. Many commitments use the Tuesday late starts and Friday early let outs as an opportunity for practices, but I have 3 commitments that all clash on Tuesday. My Tuesday schedule is morning practices for swimming, and then volleyball and chamber choir clash after school for times. This is frustrating because teachers often times do get agitated when I tell them I’ve made other commitments when I promised to be dedicated to their commitment, but I want to explore many commitments and it is difficult to manage without missing at least one practices. It is busy- but then I’ll have Thursday’s where I have 0 commitments throughout the day. I wish that scheduling was more convenient at this school.

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