Fencing Competition: Dynamo Youth open #1 (4hours)

Dynamo Fencing Club hosted their first fencing competition in the 2015-2016 school year. Today I competed in the tournament, overall I was very happy with my result. The tournament works like this: at first they accommodate all of the fencers and usually split them up into groups of seven +/- depending on how many people participates, that part of the tournament is called “pools”. In pools you fence everybody in your pool and depending on how many points you get, you get a ranking. From there on, there is a round robin to determine the winner. For example if there are 30 people in the tournament, the matches are 1 vs. 30, 2 vs. 29, 3 vs. 28, 4 vs.27…15 vs. 16.  I have a tendency to not do well in pools so out of 13 I got 11th. In our tournament the first 3 seats in pools do not have to fence in the first round of round robin, so luckily I was up against the 6th seat. It was a very intense match because, I had trained with the person that I was fencing therefore I knew how to fence her and I knew her strategies. I was able to trick her many times.  In the round robin matches go up to 15 points and there are three periods, each of them lasting 3 minutes. In the final period the score was 14-14 and was 10 seconds from finishing. She kept parrying up so I let her do it 4 times, and the 5th time she did it I went around her blade and did “a flêche” ( when you leap towards your opponent and run past them ensuring maximum power and aim) the light on my side went off and everyone was really proud of me and I was really proud of myself because there aren’t many matches that finish like that. I then went against the 3rd seat and lost 15-12. In the end I finished 6th because I won against the 6th seat.

What I could’ve done better is have more patience while fencing, because most of the points that were against me were because I rushed to get the point. This was proven during that final point, I waited for the opportunity and I got the point.

This year, I fence 5 times a week and I hope it will enable me to improve my score for the next competition.

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