Volunteering at the Intro Kids Fencing Class-Total Number of Hours: 12

This term, from September 12th to December 12th, I have been asked to volunteer every Saturday morning from 10:00-10:50 at  Dynamo Fencing Club for the introductory kids class. My responsibility includes helping the kids put on their fencing gear, after helping them several weeks they now know how to get dressed. Now I just check that everything fits and is put on correctly the reason its hard is because of safety. The Children wear  a uniform composed of 3 pieces of gear and safety equipment: a jacket to ensure that the sword doesn’t go through if it snaps, a mask to keep the face and head protected, and a glove for the dominant hand only to grip the sword and protect the hand and upper arm. My main responsibility is to fix their “en garde” position. The en garde position is very important because it is the position in which you move and it is the basis of fencing. The most fun responsibility is handing out the swords and giving them advice and seeing it work. It has been a great experience for me so far because I really enjoy teaching kids that are younger than I am, its a win-win situation because they teach me as well and now I understand my coach better. I am looking forward to seeing them in the second term


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