Our 6Y Architect and Masterpiece Presentations!

Last Thursday, 6Y students presented their architect and masterpiece presentations to the class. The students made strong connections between the elements and principles of design and the mathematical concepts within their architect’s work and their own architectural masterpieces.The class continues to strengthen their oral presentation skills and confidence when speaking to a group. Next time you are at Mulgrave, come have a look at all the grade 6 masterpieces in the library, they’ll be on display for another week.

Grade 3 is inquiring into How the world works and exploring the function and elements of structures. Several 6Y students visited the grade 3 classes to share their architect presentations and masterpieces that Grade 6 just finished creating during our How we express ourselves unit exploring how mathematical concepts can be represented in artistic expression. Nicole, Joshua, Terry, Behbod, Stacy, Luna, Joseph and Peter were risk-takers and communicators to present in the grade 3 classes. One of the grade three teachers gave us positive feedback saying, “The presentations were fantastic! The students did a great job altering the language of their presentations to make it more “Grade 3 friendly”. 6Y’s reflections on their experience presenting to a younger grade were thoughtful and positive. Here are some of the reflections from 6Y on the experience of presenting to their peers:

“My experience with the third graders was working on being a leader. I had a positive impact on the Grade 3 class by helping them with their UOI. I would like to do it again.” Terry

“The grade threes were really interested in our presentation. They asked a lot of questions and they also asked why does our building look that way. We explained different words and we told them that the strongest shape was a triangle, we also told them that our buildings look the way they are because it is our architects style. They were also very excited to get to build their own structures.” Behbod

“It was really exciting to go and present to the grade 3 class today. They were very enthusiastic and excited too! They were very smart and seemed to love us coming in to present. I think that they are also very cute!” Luna

“I really like that when it was time for questions, a lot the kids hands shot straight up and when I asked if they knew what geometrical and organic shapes were, they all said “yes”. Also, I noticed that when I was presenting, that none of them were talking or not being focused, but they all were really interested into what I was saying and what was on my presentation.” Stacy

“On Tuesday, I was really excited to present to the grade 3’s my presentation on Santiago Calatrava. Even though it was complicated to translate the vocabulary that we used, I had a lot of fun answering their great questions. I could see that they were really keen to learn about architecture. Right now, the grade 3’s are just beginning their new unit on structures, and we are ending our unit on architecture. After I presented, I felt really proud and confident.” Nicole

Congratulations to all of 6Y!
I am very proud of your hard work!

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