Grade 6 Girls Rock the Courts At Mulgrave!

Games At Mulgrave
by Nicole, Claire, Iris, Chris, and Jinhyo

Yesterday we had lots of exciting volleyball matches against Stratford Hall, Crofton House, and York House. Everyone had excellent bumps, volleys, and serves. We communicated more by calling out “mine”, “out”, and “short”. Everybody was enthusiastic to get onto the court. We also had great three hit rallies. Ms. Mitchell came to cheer us on and we taught her our cheer. Overall, we won four games, lost one and tied one. In conclusion, we all cooperated together and had a great time!

Thank you to Mulgrave parents for your support last night! The girls did an amazing job!

It is so easy coaching such enthusiastic and talented athletes!

Christine Yakachuk and Elyse Cochrane

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