Game At Stratford!

Our girls played a great game yesterday afternoon at Stratford Hall. Although we lost 37-26, we played hard but the Stratford players had phenomenal shooting accuracy.

Through the game, our girls continued to work on the transition from offence to defense (getting back, finding their check, being between their check and the basket), their communication and their shooting accuracy and rebounding.

We also had a chance to practice foul shots with a proper line up and positioning.
We had several girls at the line to take foul shots: Sahra, Kristjana, and Clara.

Our top shooters of the afternoon were: Sahra with 5 baskets and Kristjana with three baskets, two of which were from the foul line!

We had some great defensive work from Tara, Vania, Lindsay and Catherine.

I am very proud of all the girls, they are improving their endurance, game strategy and communication skills.

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