G6 students become the teachers

In this unit called Who We Are, students have been learning about how they as individuals, learn best. We have done several lessons that have explored Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’s and also gained a deeper understanding about the various Learning Styles. This assignment built on what the students have learned about Multiple Intelligence’s and Learning Styles and required them to become a teacher and create a lesson based upon teaching a “simple” skill. The skills varied from shooting a wrist shot in hockey to folding a paper airplane. Each mini lesson required students to teach to a particular learning style.

Can you identify what learning styles the students are teaching to?



Every Tuesday morning, 6F visit their 3 and 4 year old buddies in the ELC.  They spend time together, getting to know each other, reading together and playing games. This is a wonderful experience for the Grade 6 and ELC students alike.  Many members of 6F truly enjoy this time with much younger students. It gives them an excellent opportunity to communicate in a different way and be caring of others in a very practical way. Throughout the year, we will combine some activities with the ELC students, helping them with some of their projects and inviting them to out classroom to share in our units.

Exploring and Inquiring into Electricity!

The grade 6 students participated in “Edison workshops” with High Touch, High Tech on Monday. The students developed their understanding of the contributions to science of Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. They completed experiments and explored static charges versus currents. They made simple circuits and differentiated between open and closed circuits. They explored series and parallel circuits and learned to differentiate conductors from insulators.

There was a buzz of energy in the classes! Literally and figuratively!