G6 students become the teachers

In this unit called Who We Are, students have been learning about how they as individuals, learn best. We have done several lessons that have explored Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’s and also gained a deeper understanding about the various Learning Styles. This assignment built on what the students have learned about Multiple Intelligence’s and Learning Styles and required them to become a teacher and create a lesson based upon teaching a “simple” skill. The skills varied from shooting a wrist shot in hockey to folding a paper airplane. Each mini lesson required students to teach to a particular learning style.

Can you identify what learning styles the students are teaching to?


Game At Stratford!

Our girls played a great game yesterday afternoon at Stratford Hall. Although we lost 37-26, we played hard but the Stratford players had phenomenal shooting accuracy.

Through the game, our girls continued to work on the transition from offence to defense (getting back, finding their check, being between their check and the basket), their communication and their shooting accuracy and rebounding.

We also had a chance to practice foul shots with a proper line up and positioning.
We had several girls at the line to take foul shots: Sahra, Kristjana, and Clara.

Our top shooters of the afternoon were: Sahra with 5 baskets and Kristjana with three baskets, two of which were from the foul line!

We had some great defensive work from Tara, Vania, Lindsay and Catherine.

I am very proud of all the girls, they are improving their endurance, game strategy and communication skills.

Grade 6 Girls Rock The Basketball Court

Congratulations on those great games last night!

I was so proud of how hard you all worked on the court.

Through the games, I could see you working hard to practice the plays and skills we have been developing.

You all improved over the course of last night’s games, especially improving on our defense and shooting.

Congratulations to every member of the team! Everyone scored at least one basket last night!

That is incredible for our first games! Well done!

Congratulations to our two top scorers of the night: Sahra and Lindsay!

Thank you to Kayley who is injured but was on the bench as our stats and photo girl and head cheerleader!

Thank you to Celina that helped coach and gave the girls great encouragement and advice.

Thank you to all the parents we had come out and cheer us on!

6Y’s Awesome Assembly!

6Y – you rocked!

Thank you for all the effort and energy you put in to writing our script, to learning your lines and actions to putting together the costumes!

You were a hit! The audience loved it!

Congratulations to everyone. Many of you were risk-takers to have the confidence and communication skills to perform your parts!

You did a great job working as a team and supporting and encouraging each other!

I am so proud of all of you!

Enjoy the photos!

Building Bridges with Grade 3 – Literally!

On Monday, the 6inators had the opportunity to go to 3H and help the grade 3’s build popsicle bridges. The students did an impressive job guiding and helping the grade 3’s achieve success in building the bridges they had planned and designed. There was lots of great communication, cooperation and patience displayed by everyone!

Here are some reflections from the 6inators after their time helping the Grade 3’s:
I had a wonderful time building the bridges with the grade threes! I had a lot of fun building them because I find working with mechanics very enjoyable. It was hard sharing the screw drivers but it got better overtime.

One thing that I noticed was that some people were not really contributing and cooperating with others. However, I did enjoy meeting a couple of Grade Threes. I think it related to our unit because they said that triangles were the most sturdy and strong shapes to use in bridges. I remember I was told that a few weeks ago. I thought it was delightful and very exciting to meet new people and play with the Grade Threes. I think we needed to work on teamwork, but overall, it was very fun.

Today, we had lots of fun making structures with the grade threes! The good things we did were teamwork and communication. Teamwork was good because we all worked together. They liked talking and communicating so that was easy. The hard things were they couldn’t explain to us. We didn’t know what they were doing so it was hard until we finally understood them. It was interesting how their bridges ended up. Overall it was a good job!

I suggested they use some mathematical concepts in the bridge. For example, I reminded them to use a triangle at the bridge bottom to stabilize it. And, I suggested an arch for holding up the bridge, but we were running out of the nails.

The grade three’s all worked well together and then when they needed help they usually asked each other or a grade six. But what I found challenging was getting the screws in with your fingers if you had no screw driver.

I liked helping the grade three’s with their bridges because when I was in grade three I remembered this unit but didn’t get to do that. I like seeing the look on their faces when they finally achieved what they wanted to do on the bridge. They seemed like they were having tons of fun playing with the popsicle sticks and I had fun too.

When we went to the grade 3 class to help with the structures, it was pretty easy because the grade threes already had most of their screws attached. We only needed to add the legs of the bridge and connect the two walls. When we did not have anything to do or when the others were working on it, we would say some jokes.

I liked going to help the 3H class. I thought they would listen more than they did. I also thought they would have it all planed out, that’s why it fell two times. I thought it was fun working with the grade threes, I would like to do it again.

I think it was hard to put the screws in the popsicle sticks, but really fun. It was fun to work with the grade three’s because I know all of them and my brother was in my group.

The grade three’s were very nice and cooperative when they were building. Also, it was very fun when we tried to stand the bridge.

Today in 3H, we made good progress in our bridge, we almost finished it. We were all focused and on task. We all communicated with each other and I enjoyed helping the grade 3’s.

I thought my experience upstairs in 3H was great. I liked how hard they worked on making triangles then we would help them attach them to each other. I didn’t like how some of them got distracted and they went to go find bolts or just sat doing nothing but overall it was fun.

I really loved helping the Grade 3’s. It was fun to build bridges with them. I tried to help as much as I could.