G6 students become the teachers

In this unit called Who We Are, students have been learning about how they as individuals, learn best. We have done several lessons that have explored Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’s and also gained a deeper understanding about the various Learning Styles. This assignment built on what the students have learned about Multiple Intelligence’s and Learning Styles and required them to become a teacher and create a lesson based upon teaching a “simple” skill. The skills varied from shooting a wrist shot in hockey to folding a paper airplane. Each mini lesson required students to teach to a particular learning style.

Can you identify what learning styles the students are teaching to?


Game At Stratford!

Our girls played a great game yesterday afternoon at Stratford Hall. Although we lost 37-26, we played hard but the Stratford players had phenomenal shooting accuracy.

Through the game, our girls continued to work on the transition from offence to defense (getting back, finding their check, being between their check and the basket), their communication and their shooting accuracy and rebounding.

We also had a chance to practice foul shots with a proper line up and positioning.
We had several girls at the line to take foul shots: Sahra, Kristjana, and Clara.

Our top shooters of the afternoon were: Sahra with 5 baskets and Kristjana with three baskets, two of which were from the foul line!

We had some great defensive work from Tara, Vania, Lindsay and Catherine.

I am very proud of all the girls, they are improving their endurance, game strategy and communication skills.

Grade 6 Girls Rock The Basketball Court

Congratulations on those great games last night!

I was so proud of how hard you all worked on the court.

Through the games, I could see you working hard to practice the plays and skills we have been developing.

You all improved over the course of last night’s games, especially improving on our defense and shooting.

Congratulations to every member of the team! Everyone scored at least one basket last night!

That is incredible for our first games! Well done!

Congratulations to our two top scorers of the night: Sahra and Lindsay!

Thank you to Kayley who is injured but was on the bench as our stats and photo girl and head cheerleader!

Thank you to Celina that helped coach and gave the girls great encouragement and advice.

Thank you to all the parents we had come out and cheer us on!

ELC Buddies-Jan 17

6RJ will continue developing their friendships with our ELC buddies in 2014. We are lucky to have two groups of ELC buddies that we rotate through every week. This particular group is the Friday group. Every week the students check out a few books and spend time reading with their buddies. After some reading the students enjoy playing interactive games or crafts.

6RJ Spelling Snapshot-Jan 17

The spelling program that we have been following will be coming to an end next week, so I thought I would highlight the great work the students have been doing. We have been working with 12 different root words every week and applying their meaning in an illustration.

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