Grade 6 Girls Rock the Courts At Mulgrave!

Games At Mulgrave
by Nicole, Claire, Iris, Chris, and Jinhyo

Yesterday we had lots of exciting volleyball matches against Stratford Hall, Crofton House, and York House. Everyone had excellent bumps, volleys, and serves. We communicated more by calling out “mine”, “out”, and “short”. Everybody was enthusiastic to get onto the court. We also had great three hit rallies. Ms. Mitchell came to cheer us on and we taught her our cheer. Overall, we won four games, lost one and tied one. In conclusion, we all cooperated together and had a great time!

Thank you to Mulgrave parents for your support last night! The girls did an amazing job!

It is so easy coaching such enthusiastic and talented athletes!

Christine Yakachuk and Elyse Cochrane

Our 6Y Architect and Masterpiece Presentations!

Last Thursday, 6Y students presented their architect and masterpiece presentations to the class. The students made strong connections between the elements and principles of design and the mathematical concepts within their architect’s work and their own architectural masterpieces.The class continues to strengthen their oral presentation skills and confidence when speaking to a group. Next time you are at Mulgrave, come have a look at all the grade 6 masterpieces in the library, they’ll be on display for another week.

Grade 3 is inquiring into How the world works and exploring the function and elements of structures. Several 6Y students visited the grade 3 classes to share their architect presentations and masterpieces that Grade 6 just finished creating during our How we express ourselves unit exploring how mathematical concepts can be represented in artistic expression. Nicole, Joshua, Terry, Behbod, Stacy, Luna, Joseph and Peter were risk-takers and communicators to present in the grade 3 classes. One of the grade three teachers gave us positive feedback saying, “The presentations were fantastic! The students did a great job altering the language of their presentations to make it more “Grade 3 friendly”. 6Y’s reflections on their experience presenting to a younger grade were thoughtful and positive. Here are some of the reflections from 6Y on the experience of presenting to their peers:

“My experience with the third graders was working on being a leader. I had a positive impact on the Grade 3 class by helping them with their UOI. I would like to do it again.” Terry

“The grade threes were really interested in our presentation. They asked a lot of questions and they also asked why does our building look that way. We explained different words and we told them that the strongest shape was a triangle, we also told them that our buildings look the way they are because it is our architects style. They were also very excited to get to build their own structures.” Behbod

“It was really exciting to go and present to the grade 3 class today. They were very enthusiastic and excited too! They were very smart and seemed to love us coming in to present. I think that they are also very cute!” Luna

“I really like that when it was time for questions, a lot the kids hands shot straight up and when I asked if they knew what geometrical and organic shapes were, they all said “yes”. Also, I noticed that when I was presenting, that none of them were talking or not being focused, but they all were really interested into what I was saying and what was on my presentation.” Stacy

“On Tuesday, I was really excited to present to the grade 3’s my presentation on Santiago Calatrava. Even though it was complicated to translate the vocabulary that we used, I had a lot of fun answering their great questions. I could see that they were really keen to learn about architecture. Right now, the grade 3’s are just beginning their new unit on structures, and we are ending our unit on architecture. After I presented, I felt really proud and confident.” Nicole

Congratulations to all of 6Y!
I am very proud of your hard work!

Some Disgusting Writing from 6RJ

As a means of practicing our creative writing skills, 6RJ endeavored to get gross with our latest prompt about finding some disgusting food in a fridge. The story was open ended, other than it had to start with “Whenever he mentions  Paris…” and had to include some nasty descriptive items that were in a fridge. Don’t plan on eating after reading these paragraphs.

Ugly Items by Campbell

Whenever he mentions Paris I mention the refrigerator. I mention what happened last time we went. It was fine until we got back. I looked in the refrigerator and this is what I saw: moldy apples, cheese and the dreaded sandwich with broccoli. Scared, I found an escape. I took a leaf blower that was oddly in the fridge and blew all of the yucky stuff into his face. He says after I explain the Paris incident, “we should get a leaf sucker then it would have hit me instead.”

6 Disgusting Things by Ben

Whenever he mentions Paris something goes wrong, so when he said “Let’s go to Paris” I freaked out. On the plane to Paris, it was pretty normal until I heard mayday mayday. I look to the side and the ____ was blowing smoke around. I started screaming and then… “Phew, it was just a dream”, John said as he woke up. John decided he was hungry, so he got up and went down to get some food from the fridge. “AHHHHHHHHH”. I screamed as I opened the fridge and slammed it shut. I got one of those laundry clips and stuck it on my nose and went back to the fridge. I opened it and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was worse than my laundry, my sons room, or even the gym change room. Cockroaches were swarming over the vegetables and all the vegetables were brown. I looked for my dear cheese and I saw it alive. I held it in my hands and kissed it, but then I looked at the other side and dropped it on the floor. Then I saw something brown, mice poo!!! Under the mice poo was bread and whoo it stunk. I shut the fridge, and I didn’t know what to do! My wife is going to kill me I thought. I shut my eyes and when I opened them, I saw my wife in bed. Huh, that was a funny dream, in another dream!

Spoiled Rotten by Christie

Whenever he mentions Paris… Me and my friend were driving to the mall in her car. She suddenly asked, “Do you ever wonder what it is like in Paris?”. It all came back to me, you see, I went on a vacation to Paris 2 years ago. Beautiful landscapes and tall buildings. My hotel room was decent I guess. As I sat in the room watching T.V. during a big storm, only understanding a few words they were saying, the lights and T.V. blacked out. I found a flashlight, but the batteries were dead. Then I looked at the refrigerator and it went berzerk!  Instead of being cold, it was turning hot! “Uh-Oh” I thought to my self, but I stayed calm. Two days passed and the storm kept going. No food, no power, no ANYTHING! The rotten food suddenly looked good, even the moldy cheese and moldy leftovers from the best restaurant in Paris. “No,no, I can’t eat it.” I kept repeating to my self. But I was too hungry to care. So I ate all the food, even drank the sour milk. I felt light-headed and passed out……..My eyes flickered open to find myself in a hospital room. “Wha-? What happened?” I asked the doctor. “You passed out because the rotten food was too much for your body and you passed out,”explained the doctor, “But we gave you nutrition shots so you will be fine, you will stay here for two days and…”But the doctor’s voice grew fainter and fainter until….”Hello? Hello? WAKE UP!” I heard a faint noise. My eyes opened to see my friend hovering over me. “Wow you were in a deep sleep.” My friend explained. “Just one suggestion, NEVER eat rotten food.” I suggested. “Okay….”My friend said weirdly. Great, now she thinks i’m weird.

Welcome Home by Sahra

Whenever he mentions Paris I think of the past week I spent touring France. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tour, walked up all the steps at Sacré Cœur, and I even tried foie gras! This my most memorable vacation. I wish I could have stayed longer. I wasn’t looking forward to coming home. What made it even worse was the mess I found when I entered the house. The inside of my house smelt like a compost bin. The living room was littered with mounds of moody cheese, brown banana peels were scattered all over the kitchen, remnants of what looked like seafood pasta(fish and prawns) clung to the outside of the fridge. It looked like a tornado had blown through the kitchen! When I opened the fridge I was greeted by the smell of rotten eggs. A jar of exploded sauerkraut lay on the top shelf, soaking in month old milk. The smell was nauseating. I took a deep breath, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. My heart skipped a beat. Was there someone in my house? I slowly made my way back to the living room, only to see the tail of an animal disappear onto the porch. I screamed!

A Trip Gone Rotten by Kristjana

Whenever he and mentions Paris. He of course,is my dad. For my 18th birthday he decided to take me on a trip to Paris. It was perfect and organized, the plane ride, the car we rented and the perfect hotel room. Well almost perfect. I want to put our drinks in the little-cutesy-wutsey mini refrigerator, and when I opened it up,my heart skipped a beat. I screamed for dad, just to remember that he was in the lobby getting our bags. When I calmed down I looked inside again and saw six utterly revolting items.

1: A rat, a moulding rotten dead rat.

2: Steak, I looked a little closer at it, and I saw little wormy things.

3: Spinach, the spinach looked ok, but still spinach is gross.

4: A millipede, it was extremely disgusting,and still alive,moving all it’s little legs.

5: Sour cream soup? At least, that’s what I thought it was, I couldn’t tell, all I knew was that it was white,rotten and kinda like sludge.

Now for number

6: A mushy pear. Well, it was so mushy you could have called it pear-sauce.

When dad came back we had to take our bags,drinks and food and evacuate the room. I will never ever go to Paris again, and I promise to always mute dad’s voice when he talks about it.

The End

Worst Vacation Ever by Connor C

Whenever he mentions Paris, I get so angry. I go to my room and slam the door. Let me explain why, a couple of months ago…

“Done” I called as I put the last of my t-shirts in my suitcase. “Just in time too. Hop in the car, we’re going to the airport!” called my dad from down stairs. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, ran outside and hopped in the car. After a SUPPPPPPPPPPPER long and boring flight, we landed in Paris. After checking out our cabin for the vacation, we went fishing. My little brother LOOOOOOVES bugs and getting all messy, so he just played with some worms and a mud ball while me and dad were fishing. When we got home, it got to be a real mess. My brother was out in the backyard playing. “Hey Connor, can you keep an eye on your brother?” called my dad. “OK” I replied. I walked out onto the deck and stepped right in a mud pile full of worms that my brother brought home. “Eww” I said, wiping my foot clean. I went to go sit down to watch my brother, and sat on a slug. “Eww” I said again. I got up, fell and spilt a bucket of muddy water from the lake, all over my head. “How can today get any worse” I murmured. So I got up showered myself down and came to see dinner was ready. “I found some crab and fish in the fridge from the last people here” said dad. So we ate rotten fish and rotten crab for dinner. “So today did get worse” I murmured.  And that was the worse vacation I’ve ever went on.

Week 4 Etymological Spelling in 6RJ

Here’s a glimpse of what we do in Grade 6 for a portion of our spelling program. The students are pre-tested on 12 words with two roots words. This week the root words were “Cor” meaning heart and “Micro” meaning small. After the pre-test, the students write sentences using the root word and then illustrate the root word in a way that gives it meaning. The test is given on a Monday and then on Friday we have a gallery walk and share our illustrations and favorite sentences. It’s proven to be a powerful way to develop and learn new words in a way other than memorization.

Mathematical Flipbooks 2013

Here are some examples of the Mathematical Flipbooks produced by 6RJ this year.

Details of the Assignment:

The Mathematical Flipbook is an assignment is that explains and illustrates some of the mathematical concepts that relate to art and architecture. The language should be simple enough that a Grade 4 student could understand it, but at the same time you must include the target vocabulary.

You should include:

  • 2-D Shapes
  • 3-D Shapes
  • symmetry
  • phi /Golden Ratio
  • pattern
  • pictures of art or architecture that show these concepts
  • architectural features: domes, arches, columns etc.



6RJ’s Masterpiece Projects-2013

They have arrived!!! The Masterpieces are complete and now being displayed in the library at Mulgrave. If you get a chance, please check them out. As each year passes that this assignment is given, I am continually impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of these beautiful projects.

Students were given the task of choosing a famous architect and creating a “Masterpiece” that is inspired by the style of that architect. In addition, students needed to make connections to all three lines of inquiry. Their connections required them to describe the elements and principles of art, the mathematical concepts and lastly why their masterpiece is aesthetically pleasing.

The last component of this assignment was for students to give an oral presentation demonstrating the new knowledge and connections between their chosen architect and their Masterpiece. The students did a fantastic job and shared their new found knowledge in interesting and creative ways. Well done to everyone.


6RJ’s First ELC Buddy Visit!

Tuesday, oct 15th was a very exciting day for 6RJ! One of the students came into the classroom after the long weekend and politely asked, “when are we getting our ELC buddies?’ And to her surprise, I responded with “TODAY!” Screams ensued as the class was elated that the ELC and more importantly, our 3 and 4 year old buddies were ready for a visit.

In total we spent about 30 minutes meeting, asking questions and reading with our buddies. Some of them were quite content to have a big grade 6 friend while others were quite tentative and even sad, but they all warmed up after a short time. It was very interesting to watch the 6RJ students interact and exercise some valuable skills. They all had to be ‘thinkers’ because these little people required engagement at all times. They all had to be good ‘communicators’ to ensure that the young ones were focused on the selected task. Overall, it was plenty of fun and I know the 6’s are really looking forward to our next visit!


Every Tuesday morning, 6F visit their 3 and 4 year old buddies in the ELC.  They spend time together, getting to know each other, reading together and playing games. This is a wonderful experience for the Grade 6 and ELC students alike.  Many members of 6F truly enjoy this time with much younger students. It gives them an excellent opportunity to communicate in a different way and be caring of others in a very practical way. Throughout the year, we will combine some activities with the ELC students, helping them with some of their projects and inviting them to out classroom to share in our units.

Exploring and Inquiring into Electricity!

The grade 6 students participated in “Edison workshops” with High Touch, High Tech on Monday. The students developed their understanding of the contributions to science of Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. They completed experiments and explored static charges versus currents. They made simple circuits and differentiated between open and closed circuits. They explored series and parallel circuits and learned to differentiate conductors from insulators.

There was a buzz of energy in the classes! Literally and figuratively!