The Power of Three! Grade 6 Girls Volleyball Team Rocks!

The Power of Three

The Grade 6 Girls volleyball team had their first games on Wednesday, September 25th at Collingwood. The girls were so excited! On the bus, we talked about our three goals for the games: support each other, three hits on our side then over and have fun! The “power of the three” goals helped our girls have amazing success! They passed, set and pushed the ball over with growing confidence and great communication. All Mulgrave players got their serves over as well! I saw great leadership on the court from several individuals. Kristjana W. and Sahra K-L did a super job helping players remember their positions. There was strong support for each other with numerous high fives and “great jobs!” Claire J. was congratulated by the referee as player of the game for her quick movement to the ball and her strong pass to get it over the net from the back corner! Niki M. incorporated some basketball skills into the game; one of her passes went right into the basketball net! We had great support from our Mulgrave parents who were there cheering us on too! I was so proud of the support our girls gave each other, their strong skills of passing, setting, and serving and I was glad that the smiles on their faces showed they were having fun!

Christine Yakachuk

ELC Buddy Time!

Today, we had a great session with our ELC buddies. We continued to bond with them and learn more about them. Groups played together and found some quiet time to read together. Our grade 6 students are caring and thoughtful with their buddies.

6Y’s Elements and Principles of Design Presentations

I was so proud of our class today. It was clear in their presentations that they had done in-depth research on their element or principle, had thought carefully about the organisation of their keynote and had practiced their presentation. They demonstrated confidence and knowledge during their presentations. The art pieces they created based on their element or principle showed we have many talented artists in our class!

Congratulations 6Y!

Meeting our ELC Buddies!

On Friday afternoon, 6Y traveled down to the ELC building to meet our ELC buddies for the year. Each of our 6Y class has been buddied up with an ELC student in Ms. Steiniger and Mrs. Frewin’s class. Over the year, we will connect with our buddies to read with them, play with them, and have various celebrations together. It is a great experience for our Grade 6 students to show leadership and connect with another division of the school. On our first visit, 6Y was just as excited as the ELC little ones to play with playdough, lego, paint and water!


Terry Fox Run – Leading by Example!

6Y had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership Friday morning during the Kindergarten to Grade 2 Terry Fox Run. Our class buddied up with kindergarten students to support and encourage them to run. It was great to see 6Y rise to the occasion and be helpful. The kindergarten teachers were very impressed with our 6Y helpers. Later, in the morning 6Y ran again for the Grade 5 and 6 time slot! 6Y demonstrated lots of great spirit, positive attitudes and strong athletic skills too!

Click on this link to see the photos in a slideshow:

6RJ-The First Few Weeks

It’s been a busy few weeks in 6RJ to say the least. We are all settling in nicely to the new routines and getting to know each other all over again. Our new students have been guided nicely by their caring buddies and the rest of the class as well. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to.


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