ELC Buddies-Jan 17

6RJ will continue developing their friendships with our ELC buddies in 2014. We are lucky to have two groups of ELC buddies that we rotate through every week. This particular group is the Friday group. Every week the students check out a few books and spend time reading with their buddies. After some reading the students enjoy playing interactive games or crafts.

6RJ ELC Visit #1 AM Group

It’s taken awhile to coordinate our first visit with the AM group down at the ELC, but when it finally arrived the students had a great time. Both the ELC students and those in 6RJ relished in their interactions and had a great time getting to know their new buddies. We look forward to many more visits.

Here’s a little video of the fun we had!


ELC Buddies #2

We had a great visit to the ELC this afternoon. Although a few of the girls were away, it gave other students an opportunity to challenge themselves with a new buddy. There was some great exchanges and fantastic story telling taking place. Please watch the quick video to get a glimpse.


6RJ’s First ELC Buddy Visit!

Tuesday, oct 15th was a very exciting day for 6RJ! One of the students came into the classroom after the long weekend and politely asked, “when are we getting our ELC buddies?’ And to her surprise, I responded with “TODAY!” Screams ensued as the class was elated that the ELC and more importantly, our 3 and 4 year old buddies were ready for a visit.

In total we spent about 30 minutes meeting, asking questions and reading with our buddies. Some of them were quite content to have a big grade 6 friend while others were quite tentative and even sad, but they all warmed up after a short time. It was very interesting to watch the 6RJ students interact and exercise some valuable skills. They all had to be ‘thinkers’ because these little people required engagement at all times. They all had to be good ‘communicators’ to ensure that the young ones were focused on the selected task. Overall, it was plenty of fun and I know the 6’s are really looking forward to our next visit!