G6 students become the teachers

In this unit called Who We Are, students have been learning about how they as individuals, learn best. We have done several lessons that have explored Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’s and also gained a deeper understanding about the various Learning Styles. This assignment built on what the students have learned about Multiple Intelligence’s and Learning Styles and required them to become a teacher and create a lesson based upon teaching a “simple” skill. The skills varied from shooting a wrist shot in hockey to folding a paper airplane. Each mini lesson required students to teach to a particular learning style.

Can you identify what learning styles the students are teaching to?


6RJ Holiday Mash-Up

As part of a fun and creative English class, the students of 6RJ were tasked with the following set of instructions:

  • with a partner (randomly selected) select a holiday poem, jingle or song
  • rewrite the lyrics with a Mulgrave/6RJ twist
  • perform your creation

And this is what the students came up with.

6RJ ELC Visit #1 AM Group

It’s taken awhile to coordinate our first visit with the AM group down at the ELC, but when it finally arrived the students had a great time. Both the ELC students and those in 6RJ relished in their interactions and had a great time getting to know their new buddies. We look forward to many more visits.

Here’s a little video of the fun we had!


ELC Buddies #2

We had a great visit to the ELC this afternoon. Although a few of the girls were away, it gave other students an opportunity to challenge themselves with a new buddy. There was some great exchanges and fantastic story telling taking place. Please watch the quick video to get a glimpse.